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Dissing Cousins

Clark and Lois make googly eyes at each other for a while and then turn their attention back to Godfrey. "We know who our real heroes are," he says, "and they are not these faceless mutants!" As he continues railing against the "secret vigilante agenda," Lois tries to reassure Clark. "I'm sure the Blur knows he's just taking potshots to sell books." Clark, still maintaining the ruse, is sure the Blur doesn't even know about this guy. His fidgety discomfort betrays him, though, which makes Lois smile a little. She stops smiling when Godfrey goes after the Blur specifically, calling him a "pariah so disfigured he doesn't dare show his face." The camera cuts to Clark's supermodel profile. Lois, fed up, stomps off toward the podium. Clark tries (although not very hard) to stop her. But before she can get to him, she's distracted by the billboard that Godfrey is just unveiling. It bears the same symbol as his book, but with the slogan "Stop the Menace!" As the crane pulls off the cover, something goes wrong and the billboard starts to topple. It falls toward the screaming crowd. Clark zips forward, holding up his hand up in a heroic pose, ready for the catch. It doesn't come. Instead, the billboard stops a few meters above, leaving Clark standing there looking like a goof. He makes a "huh?" face. The billboard flips up, revealing Kara hovering in midair, wearing a red and blue costume. The crowd cheers as she holds the errant billboard aloft in one hand. Godfrey looks annoyed. Lois pops up behind Clark. "Isn't that your cousin, Clark?" Clark is speechless. Kara winks and flies away, off-screen, because they've spent most of the episode's SFX money on gas ravens. Somebody save the budget!

Daily Planet. The sun's just come up, but the staff have been toiling away all night, possibly with plentiful supplies of booze, because the headline they've chosen to sell the day's paper is "MAIDEN OF MIGHT." Lois grabs the paste-up out of some guy's hands (they don't do that on computer?) and snarks on the headline for its overuse of alliteration. That's not its only weakness, but whatever. She hands the copy to Clark. "I need to find Kara," he sighs. Strangely, not a single reporter in this office full of reporters is rushing up to Clark for the inside scoop on his super cousin. Lois busies herself by throwing everything from Cat's desk into the trash. "Bye-bye, Barbie Dream Desk!" Is she counting on those Alaskan dogs to eat Cat? Clark's still thinking about Kara. "Maybe someone figured out where she flew off to," he says, then hears himself. "I can't believe I just said that out loud." Clark types something at his computer. Lois tries to get Clark to talk about his cousin, but he plays like he had no idea she had powers. "She must have had a close encounter with a meteor rock," Lois offers. With shifty eyes, Clark supports that as the most likely explanation. Lois tries to slyly encourage Clark, in her own way, to not follow in his cousin's footsteps and says Kara's "coming out" was a bad move. "You saw those crowds," Lois reminds him. Clark is surprised that people would turn on their heroes so quickly. Clearly he got to work this morning by way of a turnip truck. But then Clark realizes that Kara won the crowd over. "You never know," he says. "Maybe if the Blur was more honest and showed his face like Kara, more people would be able to trust him." He holds up Godfrey's book, saying it wouldn't get so much attention. Lois is aghast. She thinks the Blur is the one who got things right, not Kara. "By not staying in the shadows, she not only puts herself in danger, she puts you in danger, too." Clark is confused, so Lois quickly clarifies that Kara would be putting "everyone around her" in danger. Oh, my God. Just tell him you know, already! Lois goes on to talk about how "Uber Girl" may be popular today, but the public will turn on her. Her advice is for Kara to don a disguise and go undercover before Godfrey focuses on her. Clark looks scared, or maybe he's trying to figure out what "uber" means.

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