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Dissing Cousins

LuthorCorp. Oliver's in his office, doing some kind of... naked Tai Chi or something. Whatever it is, it involves him being sweaty and shirtless and moving around in slow yet precise ways. He stretches out his arm in a way that makes him remember the time he gave Chloe an archery lesson. Where the scene ended before with Chloe letting go of the arrow (and more), this time we see the arrow hit the bullseye. Chloe, smiling turns to look up at him, and finds him giving her a very serious and searching look. Pretty guitar music plays. Chloe raises up on her toes, puts her hands behind his neck, and kisses him. He wraps his arms around her and just when things start getting hot and heavy, we flash back to the present. Oliver punches through a plank of wood. Lois walks in, having just witnessed this act of cellulose abuse, and gives him a round of applause. Then she makes a joke about Mortal Kombat and a wood chipper. "I'm glad to see Africa managed to survive the whole Lois Lane invasion," he greets her. "Tell me what brings little Miss Cut-and-Run back to town." It's friendly banter and the towel she hurls at him is equally amiable. She says destiny brought her back. He still has that folding screen with the green arrows all over it. His identity is going to come as a shock to absolutely no one when Godfrey publishes that chapter. Also, there's a giant vase full of lemons and limes that is almost more distracting than Oliver's glistening torso. He says he knows Lois was trying to make a "preemptive strike" by leaving, hoping to hurt Clark before she could let him down later down the road. Now she's back because she regrets it. "Easy with the dress-down, buddy," she says. "I just ran for the hills because I thought I was going to mess things up for Clark." That's... sort of what Oliver just said. She says something about Clark's chocolate mixing with her peanut butter that gives me a horrible, horrible mental image. Oliver regards her thoughtfully. "I've never known you to surrender to anyone, or anything." She changes the subject to why she's really there: Gordon Godfrey's threat. Oliver thinks they should just ignore him, but Lois is insistent that Godfrey will expose him. "Well, maybe people deserve to know the truth," Oliver says. "People deserve to be saved," Lois says. The heroes can't do that if they come out of the shadows. But Oliver thinks the cost of keeping his secret has been too high. Lois, incensed, says she'll do something about Godfrey if Oliver won't. Oliver just looks sweaty in response.

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