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Dissing Cousins

A youngish woman in business attire opens the door to a limo and greets Godfrey inside. She compliments him on his latest interview and takes a seat beside him. She wants to see his final chapter before he posts it online. He holds up a flash drive and says, "I kept the only copy close to me for safe keeping." As his publicist, she thinks she should have a look, but he just pockets the drive and says the secret stays with him. She doesn't push the issue. She remarks with wonder how just three weeks ago, he was a "small-time radio host" and now everyone in the city knows this creepy weirdo! Or words to that effect. [Also, he wrote and published a book on his new cause. - Z] He has ambitions beyond Metropolis. "I want to touch every soul," he says. How does he plan to do that? "If I can plant an idea... a seed of doubt within people... it will grow until it devours their faith in each other and in these heroes." The faithless will then be ready for a new leader. The publicist practically has dollar signs in her eyes. Then Godfrey starts talking about "humans" being their own undoing and she suggests he needs to take a little break. She gets out of the limo. He fishes in his coat pocket for an invitation to a "Maxwell's Club DeSaad." The card heralds it as "Metropolis [sic] Premium Fetish Party" and promises performances from such ill-named luminaries as XX-Kitten and Poss Sinstress. His voice going all evil and gravelly, he instructs his driver to take him there. "Yes, Sir," Lois says from the driver's seat, not noticing the change in his voice. He returns the favor by not noticing his chauffeur is Lois Lane, even though she looks right at him.

Kent Farm. Clark is up in his loft, fetching the book where he usually hides the key that opens the Fortress portal. The cover and most of the pages beneath have been burnt away in a octagonal shape. He holds up the book, looking sad. Kara whooshes up behind him, saying, "I know about your little shortcut to the Fortress." He turns around to see her holding the key. She's changed into a little blue leather jacket, red jeans and yellow tee. Clark wants the key back so he can go talk to Jor-El. Can't you just run up there in about two minutes? I thought the key was mostly for people who didn't have super powers. Kara thinks there's no point in confronting Jor-El, but Clark wants to know why he's been disowned. She starts to leave, but he snags her wrist and plucks the keys from her fingers. "This is bigger than just Jor-El," she says. She tells him about how she's been trying to stop the darkness that's come to Earth. Clark gets territorial. "I was the one sent to Earth to protect it," he says. He's pissed that Jor-El didn't come to him. Kara tells him his space papa thinks he's not ready. Dude, it's the tenth season. Sink or swim time, buddy. Clark says sort of the same thing, although in a less meta way. Then he says Jor-El's the one who's confused: "Because I know my own destiny!" Do the writers get a bonus every time they work the word "destiny" or "fate" into the script? Kara patiently explains that this new evil is like nothing he's ever seen before, unless he's watched Supernatural. "It takes advantage of people's doubts," she says. "There's nothing out there I can't handle," Clark pouts. So Kara reminds him he can't even fly yet and won't be able to fight this thing without all of his abilities. Clark questions whether or not Kara can fight it alone, and then dickishly asks her, "You'd rather put the world at risk and trust Jor-El than believe in me?" She looks stung. Kick him in his super-nads, woman! Clark, realizing what he's said, takes a breath and softens his approach. He says Kara is his only family and asks for her help. She takes a commercial break to think about it.

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