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Dissing Cousins

Watchtower. Clark shows an impressed Kara inside. "I thought the Fortress was your only hideaway," she breathes. He explains the nature of Watchtower, since she hasn't been watching the show. Kara thinks maybe Jor-El underestimated him. Clark tappity-taps at a computer, checking the news feeds. Kara tells him to cast a wide net: "The host is probably in a leader with influence." I... think she got a preposition wrong there. Godfrey pops up in the news, catching Clark's attention. He plays a clip of Godfrey talking about the vigilantes. With their super-hearing, Clark and Kara pick up on the distorted sound of Godfrey's voice, which sounds exactly like the aliens on the War of the Worlds TV series. Clark frowns because he thought sound effects had improved since 1989. Kara taps at another computer, instantly skilled at using Watchtower's systems, and finds some security camera footage that shows Godfrey's limo downtown a few hours earlier. Clark sees Lois in the driver's seat and super-zips away. Kara follows.

Lois wakes up to the sound of muffled club music, her vision momentarily blurry. She's been tied up with strips of red cloth and suspended horizontally from the ceiling in what normally must be some sort of S&M contraption. Sometimes I feel really bad for Erica Durance. Lois is gagged. Another length of cloth is twisted around her neck. "Congratulations, Lois," Godfrey says, not bothering to disguise his voice anymore. "You've proven yourself to be a true believer of these vigilantes." He strokes her hair and says her "saintly suffering" will lure the Blur. He activates some sort of device that pulls the rope tighter around her neck. She struggles as he continues petting her hair. "Fight all you want," he says. "You won't be able to escape your fate."

Back in the club proper, Clark and Kara are just arriving. They get a look at all the corsets and dog collars. "What is this place?" Kara asks. "It's kind of hard to explain," Clark says. "Just try to... blend in." Even he sounds like he knows what an impossible task that is. Clark should be the one to wear a sexy disguise next time. Make him parade around in fishnets and heels for once. Or something. Kara used Watchtower's computers to track Lois's cellphone here, she says when Clark questions whether or not Lois is really there. He suggests splitting up to cover more ground. Kara looks annoyed but lets him go without an argument.

Clark walks into a dark storage room, from the looks of it. There's a large metal horse hanging from the ceiling whose purpose in this milieu I don't want to fathom. Godfrey walks in front of a window just as lightning flashes, silhouetting him. (This is the shot they used in the previews that made it seem like another Lex impersonator.) Clark calls out to him: "I'm here for Lois!" Just in case Godfrey might think he was there to get his groove on. "That's too bad," Godfrey says in his smog bird voice. "Lois's blind faith in the vigilantes has gotten her in way over head." Thanks for not making the obvious and painful "she's all tied up" joke, Mr. Darkseid. Clark wants Lois released. Godfrey says she's served her purpose, which was to bring one of the vigilantes to him. He advances on Clark. "Are you sure you can win against me?" Godfrey asks. Clark just stands there as the lightning flashes. So Godfrey goes on: "You know what I am. You know the doubt in your heart." Clark's eyebrows wiggle in confusion. Godfrey calls the heroes "false gods" and prophesies that people will stop believing in them one day. Clark finally takes a step forward. "Just tell me: where is she?" Godfrey starts psychoanalyzing Clark: "Underneath all that bravado, you're afraid you'll never be the hero you want to be." Clark looks scared. "You wish you could kill me," Godfrey says. He sees that it's not the first time, either. Godfrey's looking a little turned-on thinking about Clark's racing heart and inner turmoil. Clark asks once more for Lois. Godfrey ignores him because he's too busy noticing the "darkness" in Clark. He's hot for Clark's power. "I think we'll go far together, you and I," he says. "I will never help you," Clark replies. Godfrey says he doesn't have a choice. A flock of smoke birds burst out of his chest and flap all around Clark in a mini tornado of feathers and cawing. Clark sort of just looks at them. Kara appears out of nowhere to stand between him and Darkseid's fine feathered friends. Light flashes out of her bracelet and the birds disappear. Godfrey slumps to the floor. Kara turns to Clark and asks if he's all right. Clark is shaken: "It's like he could see inside me." They frown at each other for a while, then hear Lois gasping.

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