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Who Shot Papa Luthor?

Clark and Pete are breaking and entering. They're at the Coyote. And it's ugly. Pete asks if breaking in is really necessary. Clark says the police checked this place like they checked the area his dad was arrested. Give them a fucking break, Clark! They don't have x-ray vision! Clark looks around. He notices a freezer. Uh oh. He calls for Pete. He breaks a lock on it. Opens it. It's got a glowing green light inside. Also a dead, frozen body. With lots of food stacked on top. "Man, talk about sleeping with the fishes," Pete says. You can shut up now, Pete. I know we wanted you to talk more this season, but we now realize it was the wrongest kind of wish. Clark finds a photo right above the freezer on a bulletin board. Clark looks at the picture and says he knows who shot Papa Luthor. Was it Maggie Simpson? It was, wasn't it?

Hospital. We finally see an exterior shot. It says, "Smallville Medical Center (come here if your truck blew up)." Papa Luthor's room. A shadowy figure holding a shadowy gun sneaks into the dark room. It stalks the shape under the bed covers. The blinds are drawn closed. The gun turns. Three shots are fired into the bed. Suddenly, Clark appears, turning on the lights. "Lex had his father moved from another floor," he says. Busted! Clark pulls down the covers. It's just pillows. Ferris Bueller would be proud. Clark says they put the word out that Papa Luthor was getting better hoping it would draw out the shooter. Clark says he kept hoping he was wrong. The shooter tries to bring the gun around, but Clark beats him to it and crushes the hand. It's Sheriff Ethan! Nooooooo! But I loved'ded him! Clark throws him about the room. "What the hell?" Ethan moans. Clark says that the bartender and Ethan were high-school buddies, and they were more than friends. (I can't make this stuff up, people.) Clark says they were business partners. Ethan says he can explain. "Explain how a bar with repeated violations stays open?" Clark asks. He sounds like Maude Flanders now. Clark says Ethan cunningly put all the evidence against Bo Duke.

Flash to the drink being spiked, Ethan taking the tequila bottle, the truck, Ethan planting evidence, Ethan firing the weapon. It's all coming together now. Flash to Ethan shooting Papa Luthor. Falling off the balcony. Back and to the left.

Clark says that Ethan faked the blood-alcohol test, and then came after Clark when Clark started catching on. Ethan says it's not just about him. He says that the Luthors are like a cancer, destroying everything they touch. Clark says that the Luthors didn't kill anyone, and they didn't frame his dad. Ethan starts to blubber and cry. "What have I done?" he asked. I am sickened watching it.

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