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Who Shot Papa Luthor?

Cut to Bo at the bar, saying that Papa Luthor is nothing but a miserable, lying, son of a bitch. Version 2.0 is working out just fine, thanks. I think we're going to have to purchase the full enterprise solution. If Lana 2.0 is out there, I'd definitely order in the upgrade. The bartender can't argue with the whole "son of a bitch" statement. Bo takes another tequila shot. Muy macho! And another! Que caliente! Bo is shitty about the face. He asks for more. The bartender tries to cut him off. Bo asks him to sell the whole bottle. Bo pulls out a $20. He's probably paying, like, $5 a shot. Considering that there are about twenty shots in a bottle, that's not exactly a good deal for the bartender, now, is it? Bo shoves the $20 in Mike's front pocket. He takes the nozzle off the tequila bottle. He takes the bottle and says they've been friends a long time (which is why this is the first we've heard of him and his bar); Bo says nobody's gonna know. Except everyone else in the bar overhearing this. Bo puts the bottle under his coat (no cap on it, though), and exits.

Outside, there's lightning and rain. We see Bo pull his truck over. He pulls a gun from the glove compartment. Takes a long swig of tequila. Leaves the truck. Puts a magazine in the gun.

We go inside Luthor mansion and see Papa Luthor asking again, "Is that you?" He says again that the conversation is over. Bo Duke is pissed. He shoots twice. Papa Luthor falls over again and crashes. Back and to the left. Back and to the left. From the balcony, Bo aims the gun at the fallen body. He's wet and he's a murderer. Well, that's one point of view.

Ethan says there were eyewitnesses who saw Bo leaving the mansion after the gunshots. He says that forensics found powder residue on Bo's hands. He says that, for now, Bo Duke is their only suspect. Clark looks dramatic as the camera comes to him. He looks up for a quick moment, like, "Hi, audience!" and then we black out. Commercials

I'm doing an experiment with The Jamie Kennedy Experiment in which I never, ever watch it. So far, my experiment is a complete success.

A patch of highway-area urbanized land. Some train cars are in the background. A sweet hot red sports car pulls up and...Pete? When did Pete get this sweet ride? I thought he had a truck. Pete and Clark get out of the car. Pete asks what they're looking for. Clark says the police searched this area, but they have an advantage the police don't. Super Gaydar? Clark skims the area with his x-ray vision. Pete asks whether Clark is doing "the eye thing." Wearing a bright yellow jacket (very inconspicuous, that), Pete says he needs Clark to do that in his back yard where he once buried a jar of quarters and couldn't find it later. Cute comic relief. Clark goes to where his dad's truck was parked. He scans a broken-down house and sees a bullet lodged deep into some wood. Clark raises his eyebrows. He says they need to get the sheriff out there to dig it out.

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