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Who Shot Papa Luthor?

On the road, in Pete's sweet ride. Pete says he doesn't mean to rain on Clark's "C.S.I. parade," but all that proves is that somebody shot a bullet into a house. Clark connects the dots on the gunpowder residue and his dad saying he'd never seen the gun before. "So?" Pete asks. Clark surmises that somebody drugged his dad and followed him till he pulled over.

Cut to rainy footage of somebody using Bo Duke's hand to shoot the gun. We come back into the car to Clark, who thinks that showing the police a bullet is going to convince them that Bo Duke was framed. Judging from the expression on Pete's face, he thinks this is a dumb idea, too.

Hospital. A doctor is telling Lex and Sheriff Ethan that the bullet in Papa Luthor damaged his kidney and slowed his metabolism. "He's in a coma," the doctor tells them. And he's going to get fat. Lex asks what's going to happen. The doctor says that Papa Luthor's higher brain functions (the "Magnifulla Oblongbastarda" functions) are shutting down, and that if he doesn't improve in the next twenty-four hours, he's a goner. Lex is sad. Clark walks up to them and asks if he can have a word with Sheriff Ethan. Lex excuses himself. Lex walks right past Clark without even a slightly sexy look. He must be really upset. Clark tells Ethan about the bullet in the shack. He says that his men looked the area over with a microscope. Uh. Huh. Microscope, eh? Clark says they must have missed it. He shares his theory about somebody shooting the gun from his dad's hand. Where is Chloe in all this? Shouldn't she be the one making the smart connections? And trying to interview Clark? Ethan says that the bullet could be from Bo or from a completely different weapon...except, there are ways to tell if a bullet came from a specific gun. Every gun leaves a sort of fingerprint on a shot bullet. I'm amazed that Ethan (or the Smallville writers) doesn't know this. Or maybe they're smart by trying to make Ethan mislead Clark here. Let's give them the benefit of the doubt. Ethan says that it won't prove anything, but that he'll go out there and have it tested. Aw, what a guy! Dominic comes up just then and says that he needs to talk to Ethan, explaining that he's Papa Luthor's lackey. Ethan sure is popular today. Ethan tries to excuse Clark, but Dominic says he can stay. He says he doesn't think Bo Duke shot Papa Luthor. Dominic the Defender! He says he's pretty sure he knows who did do it. So who, Dominic. Who?

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