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Who Shot Papa Luthor?

Flashback to Papa Luthor and Dominic walking in to Lex's castle office. Everything is sepia-toned. Papa Luthor asks what's so important that he had to fly in. He says that he's missing La Bohème. Oh poor you. Lex says he wants to put a curtain call on their own private opera. He asks that Papa Luthor's "seeing-eye dog" wait outside. Hee. Papa Luthor says that anything Lex has to say, he can say in front of Dominic. He puts a hand on the lackey's shoulder to make the point. That's Papa Luthor's big thing these days to make Lex jealous: putting his hand on younger men's shoulders. Lex says that an offshore shell company rep who looks like Dominic has been buying up shares of stock from Lex's employees. Lex says he didn't think they were selling. Papa Luthor walks away and tells Lex not to be a sore loser. He says he's trying to get Lex to realign his priorities. Papa Luthor says that Lex forming his own company was the expense of their mutual goals. He's standing by the fire, and between that and the lightning flashing, he looks positively Satanic. Lex says that the only thing they share is a mutual enmity. Now what is that again? (Goes to look it up.) Oh. That's bad. Lex gives Dominic a stare-down. He tells Papa Luthor that the whole father-son reconciliation was a smokescreen to get at those shares. That wily Papa Luthor! Always after me lucky shares! Papa Luthor says that if Lex were really ready to run that company, there's no way he could have taken it. Ooh, burn. Papa Luthor says that this is an opportunity to work together again. Lex says that when he broke free, he swore he'd never be under the old man's thumb again. Papa says that Lex can rise to the challenge. Lex says that his ego would never allow it. "I'll fight you and I'll win," he says. A battle of wills! I love it! Papa Luthor says that Lex had better back that up, because as of that moment, Lex is just another employee. An employee who's not working for him?

We flash back to Clark and Dominic. "All Lex had to do was wait until Lionel was alone."

We flash right back to Papa Luthor on that balcony, except this time, Rashomon-style, it's Lex pulling the trigger.

We come back to Dominic again. He says that Lex could have framed Bo Duke, then driven his girlfriend to Metropolis. "A convenient alibi," he says. But I thought Lex's girlfriend lived in Smallville. Ethan says he'll look into that. He leaves. Clark says that even though they've had their differences, it's hard to believe Lex could do that. Dominic tells Clark to face it: "In your heart, you've always known what Lex is capable of." Not just in his heart!

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