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Who Shot Papa Luthor?

Prison cell blues. We start on Bo Duke's ring finger and work our way up to his orange jumpsuit. I would love it if he just busted out "Jailhouse Rock." I know he wants to. He needs a shave. MamaKent comes up to the cell. She calls him "sweetheart" and asks how he's holding up. Well, the prison rapes haven't started yet, but the guard beatings have. Oh, and he's gonna need a spoon so he can work on a shiv. Bo, without looking up, says that having time in jail gives you time to reflect on the mistakes you've made. When R. Kelly's in jail, I'm sure that's all he thinks about, playing all of his mistakes in his head over and over again in intimate detail. MamaKent asks why Bo didn't tell her he had a fight with Papa Luthor. Bo says it's because he was angry. He says he was jealous when he found that watch. He says it reminded him of all the things he couldn't give her: "For the first time, I felt like I was losing you." Aw, Bo. Come here. You need a hug. MamaKent is red-nosed. Bo says he's sorry. She asks why. Bo gets up and goes to the bars. He says he's sorry for not having faith in their love. And for giving in to his own petty fears. And for all that cow sex. He says that all it takes is one reckless moment to ruin everything. MamaKent assures him that he didn't shoot Papa Luthor. You sure on that? Bo agrees. But he says he did let his anger get the best of him. He says he hasn't kept it a secret and that he's worried that a jury won't believe him now.

The Wild Coyote. From the outside, it looks a lot like a place in Austin called The Broken Spok. As they drive up in Pete's candy-red mobile, Pete says he knows this place. He says his brother used to come there in high school and that they never checked IDs. Clark asks how they got away with that. "Good luck. Connections," Pete says. Clark supposes that if somebody drugged his dad, it would have been there.

Clark and Pete walk inside, and a guy in a supremely gay denim shirt (rose accents on the shoulders? My goodness. It's one of those cowboy bars) watches them come in from the daylight outside. He lets them know he doesn't serve minors. But Clark is at least twenty-six! Clark says he wants to ask some questions. He says he's Bo Duke's son. The bartender, a chunkified dude, says he's sorry about Bo Duke. Clark asks if the bartender remembers Bo talking to anyone at the bar that night. Bartender says that Bo was talking to everyone and blowing off steam. He says it sounded like Bo had a run-in with Papa Luthor. Clark says that Bo bought a bottle of tequila from him. Doughy Bartender says he wishes now he hadn't done that. Where else is he gonna get tequila in the middle of Kansas? He says that the cops want him to testify and that he could lose his liquor license. Clark says he's never seen his dad drink more than one or two beers. What about "Nicodemus"? Clark asks if the bartender is sure nobody put something in Bo's drink. Bartender says nobody put anything in Bo's drink, the way he was knocking them back. Bartender says he's sure Clark doesn't want to hear this, but that his dad says he was going to "take care" of Papa Luthor once and for all. And not in the comforting sense. Clark says his dad wouldn't say that. The bartender says he's known Bo since high school and that there's no doubt he did it, given Bo's temper. Clark loses his own and picks up the bartender, shoving him against some crashing glasses. "You're just as bad as your old man!" the doughy guy yells. Pete comes over and tells Clark to "let him go, man." Pete tells Clark to "be cool." Right. They leave.

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