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Papa Luthor is at the Smallville Medical Center, getting his injuries checked out. First of all, I refuse to believe that Papa Luthor wouldn't have his own personal physician to come to his house for just such occasions. And second, that is the darkest exam room I've ever seen. You could show a movie in there. Is that really medically acceptable? Anyway, Lex walks in and says that he came as soon as he heard about Papa Luthor's "accident." Also, Papa Luthor is super-buff, and I think he might shave his chest. Just some trivia for you. Papa Luthor says he has some bruised ribs, but that he'll be fine. Lex says that there are rumors going around that the guy who attacked Papa Luthor had an artifact that gave him superpowers. Papa Luthor scoffs at such rumors. Scoff! Who is spreading these rumors? It has to be the lackeys. They need to be fired for committing such a security breach. Lex says that he doesn't live in the past anymore, and that maybe his father should follow his own advice on that matter. Lex offers to use his relationship with the cops to track down Jeremiah. Papa Luthor says that he's both touched and surprised by Lex's concern. Lex responds that despite their differences, he will always care about his father's well-being. Papa Luthor says that his ego got more bruised than his ribs; he wants to let the matter drop and avoid any more publicity. Lex looks sad that he has once again reached out to his father, and been rebuffed. I think I'm developing a huge crush on Lex. I know I'm hardly the first to feel that way, but it's a new and odd feeling for me.

At the Talon, Lana reads a letter from the Paris School of the Arts. Chloe watches her face expectantly, and when Lana doesn't start cheering, Chloe assumes that Lana didn't get in. Lana says that she did get accepted, but that she didn't get any financial aid, so she can't go. Seriously. Has no one in television land ever heard of loans? Chloe suggests that Lana talk to Lex, who is apparently the Dawson to her Joey in terms of college funding. Lana wanted to fund college on her own. Chloe says that she'd love to keep Lana in Smallville, but points out that Lex wouldn't let "one bump in the road keep him from pursuing his dreams." Lana doesn't seem convinced.

Clark goes to Kansas Central A&M to see what's up with Jeremiah. When he gets there, he finds that Jeremiah, who is a teaching assistant, not only has his own office with a door and everything, but his name is printed on the door! That's just insane. When I was a graduate assistant, we had one medium-sized room with six desks for about ten people. Jeremiah's office is totally trashed, and Lex is already inside, surveying the damage. Clark asks Lex if he did this, and Lex asks what his motivation would be. Hey, he didn't deny trashing the place. Clark wants to know why Lex is there, and Lex says, "You first." Clark actually falls for that, and lies that Jeremiah was going to help him with a term paper. That's his excuse? Oh, Clark. You really need to learn how to lie better than that. Lex reveals that he knows what happened in the caves. Clark pretends he didn't know. Lex says, "I'm surprised. Usually you keep such a close eye on everything that happens in the caves. For those term papers you're always writing." Hee! Lex is awesome. Lex reveals what he knows about the legend of Naman and Ziget. Clark says that Lex can't believe that, and Lex says he "likes to keep [his] mind open to extreme possibilities." Like man-on-superman loving? Clark says that Lex is starting to sound like his father. Lex says he guesses that was supposed to be an insult, and walks over to the wall of windows (!), closing the blinds on each one as he goes. Is he going to make a pass at Clark, and doesn't want anyone from outside to see? Lex says that he'd like to meet Jeremiah, if Clark gets in touch with him, and wishes Clark "good luck with [his] term paper." Lex walks out, and Clark looks at the blinds, which are painted with some sort of symbol.

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