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Suddenly, Lex shows up and starts untying his father. Papa Luthor asks where Jeremiah is, and Lex says he doesn't know, but promises to get his dad out of there before Jeremiah returns. Somewhere nearby, Jeremiah and Clark run into each other at top speed, and the collision causes the knife goes flying up into the air. Clark ends up holding Jeremiah, who nearly does a backbend in Clark's arms. Oh, that's not gay at all. Now that the knife is gone, Jeremiah is vulnerable again. Lex helps his father sit up just as the knife falls. If Papa Luthor had remained prone, the knife would have landed in his head. The knife begins to glow as Lex and Papa stare at it. Clark watches from the woods nearby. Lex and Papa Luthor both reach for the knife, and it crumbles as they both grab it. Well, that was convenient.

Kent Farm. Clark tells his parents that the doctors at Belle Reve think that Jeremiah may never come out of his coma. Pa Kent looks on the bright side and points out that the knife can't hurt Clark or anyone else in the future. Clark says that, according to the prophecy, either Lionel or Lex is his greatest enemy. Ma Kent asks which one grabbed it first, and Clark doesn't know, but he thinks that Papa Luthor is a bad guy. Ma Kent says that Clark has to be open to the possibility that it might be Lex. Clark is like, "But I love him! You don't understand! How could you possibly understand?" Actually, he says he's not ready to accept that possibility. Pa Kent reiterates what the Kiwatche and Jor-El think will happen in Clark's future, and says that Clark can't let other people tell him what to be. Clark totally reveals that he wasn't listening at all, because he asks what Pa Kent thinks he'll become. Pa Kent says that Clark could be "the world's greatest hero or its most mild-mannered citizen," but that it's up to Clark.

Lana looks over some papers in the Talon. Lex walks in and asks if this is where they're holding the partnership meeting. Lana tells him that they got an offer on the place from Chloe and her father. They want to keep the Talon as it is, and let Lana stay on as part owner, so that she can work there when she's done with school. Is Chloe in love with Lana or what? That's going beyond the call of friendship duty. Lex thinks it sounds too good to pass up, so Lana says that she turned them down. Lex asks why she didn't consult him. Lana doesn't think Chloe wanted to run the place, and was just trying to hang onto the past. Did she ask Chloe? Maybe she really did want to run the place. Lana says that she doesn't want anything pulling her back to Smallville, because she's decided that she's the girl who goes to Paris. Lex nods and looks disappointed.

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