Tempest (1)

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Omar G: B | 1 USERS: A
You say "TorNAYdo," I say, "TornYAYdo"

Kent Farm. A '50s red car pulls up. Clark walks out to greet it in his big, strapping tux. He's holding a corsage. Awww! "Hi!" Chloe calls out as she gets out of the car. Oh. Chloe. That dress. Um. Yikes. It's pink. Chloe is very pretty. Let me just say that. She asks Clark if it's too pink. "No," he says, hesitating a little. "You look beautiful." Notice he said she looks beautiful, not the dress. Nice sidestep, there. Chloe says Clark cleans up nicely too. She asks what happened to the red tie. He says that instinct told him it was the wrong way to go. Clark puts the pink plastic-looking corsage on Chloe's wrist. She's so happy! She puts a white flower on Clark's lapel and seems to prick herself. "Did I get you?" she asks. Not unless she heard something prick a tin can. They exchange a long look. Chloe breaks it, saying they should go. Clark gets the car door for her. "In?" he calls. "In," she says, before he closes the door. I have no idea why, but I thought that was the cutest moment in that scene. Chloe says a storm's coming.

Nixon! Ooh, that guy is so evil! He's spying on them with binoculars. After they leave, he rubs the metal octagon diabolically. He's a magnificent dastard.

School. It's raining. Limos are pulling up. Chloe and Clark get out of the car and run to the school from their primo parking space, giggling. Everybody's running, and I think of the "November Rain" video. Lana and Jocko run into them. How long were they in that gym? Lana says they look great. "Well, thank you Miss Rivers," Chloe says, pretending to be wearing a designer gown. They greet Pete and his date, who is indeed Foxy, but she won't be a character since she gets no real lines. She looks a bit like Mariah Carey. Pete and Foxtrot ask Chloe to take their picture. Chloe wipes some rain off Clark's cheek and goes to do that.

Clark talks to Lana and Jocko. Clark wishes Jocko good luck getting his ass kicked at basic training. Jocko asks Lana if he can have a minute alone with Clark. Secret love confession? Lana offers to bring the truck around. That's twice in two episodes that someone has tried to keep Jocko from driving. Jocko tells Clark that they've had a weird year; he thought Clark was trying to steal Lana, and he did some things he wasn't proud of. He apologizes. They shake hands. Jocko asks Clark for a favor. He says that Lana's not sure about their relationship. He says he is sure. He wants Clark to look after Lana until he gets back. Gets back? Is this whole Marines thing just a temp job or something? Doesn't Lana still have years of high school to go? Clark doesn't know what to say. "Say yes," Jocko advises. "Clark?" Jocko persists. Clark reluctantly promises. Lana honks from the truck. Jocko gives Clark one last shoulder pat, and he's off. Clark watches him go. Lana slides over in the truck. She and Clark exchange a knowing look. They wave at each other as sad music plays. Chloe comes up behind Clark and asks what that was all about. He says it was guy stuff, and changes the subject by asking if he's told her how beautiful she looks. Finally, Clark is learning how to treat a lady. Chloe says he did say that, but that frequent reminders are appreciated.

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