Tempest (1)

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Omar G: B | 1 USERS: A
You say "TorNAYdo," I say, "TornYAYdo"

Field. The three funnels combine to form one huge-ass one. Lana is trying to use her cell phone, with difficulty. A barn is destroyed as Lana watching, freaking out. She stays in the truck, of course. The storm comes ever closer.

Clark's-eye view of zipping through a bunch of roads at super speed. He finally reaches Lana's truck, stopping for fashionable tux effect. Lana sees him. "Clark!" she yells, banging on the window. He yells, but doesn't go over. She yells his name again. The storm picks up her truck as she screams. "Noooo!" Clark yells and zips into the fray. He had plenty of time to save her, if you ask me. Where's his bullet-time now? Debris flies some more. The screen goes black. "To be continued," the titles say.

Wow. That's it. An entire season of homoerotic tension, thwarted high-school romance, and not enough for Pete to do. Let's hope next season gives us even more to make fun of.

Thanks, y'all. It's been a great (non-flying) ride. Props to Wing Chun, Glark, and Sars for making it a pleasure to work here and to all the forum dwellers, Smallville writers and producers who've acknowledged us, and all the readers. It's been a really fun season for me and an absolute pleasure, despite my frequent grumblings. See you all soon!

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