Tempest (1)

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Omar G: B | 1 USERS: A
You say "TorNAYdo," I say, "TornYAYdo"

Lair o' Lex. Clark is there. He picks up that metal octagon from Lex's desk. Lex walks in. "Nice paperweight," Clark says. Lex looks down at his own pants, but then realizes what Clark was talking about. "Yeah. Very unique," Lex says. He asks if Clark can afford to be seen with the town pariah. "Seen"? Who else is around? Clark gives Lex a long, lingering look -- one that Lex himself might have lent Clark for the episode. He even gives a little sideways head bob. It is, sadly, the last Gayest Look of the Episode for the season. "What happened, Lex?" Clark asks. Lex says the theories are that he ran the plant into the ground (there's that phrase again) through incompetence, or he did it on purpose to go back to Metropolis. Clark says that Lex's dad already offered Lex a job in Metropolis. He suggests Lex just tell the truth. Lex says he'll get stuck with the incompetence tag. His ears are glowing. "Being reviled is the lesser evil," Lex says. Tell that to Forrest Gump. Clark says that Lex is going to Metropolis. Lex says that's why Papa Luthor did all this, but that it's not over. On this show, it's never over until the fat-sucking lady from "Craving" sings. Or eats a deer. Lex says he may have a plan. Clark gets up, saying that Lex has a lot of work to do. Lex thanks Clark for stopping by. "It means a lot," he says. "What are friends for?" Clark answers, then leaves. Lex fingers the octagon paperweight. He opens up a little metal/wood container on his desk, puts the piece of metal into it, and closes it. Nothing cool happens when he puts it in there like slimy goo oozing out or a heads-up display appearing and greeting him in a sexy British voice. Sadly.

The Torch. Clark greets Chloe. She says she and her dad aren't good at being depressed together. Clark says that if she doesn't want to go to the spring formal, he'll understand. Chloe does an "Are you kidding!?" and says it's the only thing she has to look forward to. What a sad life. She says she wants to enjoy all the quaint Smallville High customs. Like back-seat sex, for instance. She says her dad is talking about having them move back to Metropolis permanently. Clark asks what about the newspaper and Chloe's friends. How many friends does she have exactly? Two? Two and a half? Clark stops her in mid-track, putting his hands on her shoulders. She says she doesn't fancy fighting all the high-school BS again. She asks if Clark will miss her. "You even have to ask?" Clark says. Um, that's not really an emphatic "Yes." Chloe makes Clark promise the formal will be great. "It'll be a night you won't forget," he says. Pesky foreshadowing! He smiles big and bright. Chloe picks some lint off his collar. That's real love right there.

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