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You say "TorNAYdo," I say, "TornYAYdo"

Kent Farm. Bo Duke is cutting a piece of wood with a table saw. He even has protective goggles on. MamaKent is sitting nearby, drinking coffee. Clark walks in. Clark tells them about Nixon, adding that he thinks the reporter set up the truck explosion. MamaKent asks how the reporter knew he'd survive. Clark says he must have seen him do something before, in one of the five gajillion times Clark's used his powers in public. Clark says that ever since Mean Cop/Officer Funboy, he's been really careful. Bo tries to assure Clark that it's not his fault. Bo tells Clark just to live his life -- take Chloe to the dance, and if Nixon wants to discuss matters, he'll pop up soon enough. So, denial, then? Wonderful. It's what's for dinner. MamaKent purses her lips and the table saw gets bent from the change in air pressure. Clark drops the other bombshell: about Lex having a piece of the spaceship. Clark says it's the "missing piece" that we've never heard about before. As he talks, we cut to outside, where Nixon is in a vehicle listening in on some sort of Radio Shack-rigged spy device. Cut back to the barn. MamaKent is in even more denial, saying that Lex can't trace the piece to them. Bo tells Clark not to use his powers for chores (aw, MAN!), and to stay away from the storm cellar. Cut back to Nixon who just got his mondo clue.

Lex Manor. Nixon opens up Lex's metal case and pulls out the octagon. Again, Lex. I think you need to run to Target and invest $50 on a little security camera or at least hire a thug of some sort to guard your crib. Nixon pockets the piece. Lex walks into the room from a little stairway. Nixon is leaning back in Lex's chair. Lex tells him he was warned to stay away from the Kents. Nixon gets Lex's goat (who wouldn't want that goat?) by mocking Lex's constant threats at him. Lex is peeved. He says that Nixon must know how preoccupied he is. Nixon says he figured out something much bigger than Lex's problems. Lex doesn't like Nixon's newfound confidence. Nixon teases Lex, saying he might not let him bid on a discovery. He mentions Lex's obsessions with the crash site and the Kents. Lex says that the crash site has nothing to do with the Kents or with Nixon. "Are you sure?" Nixon asks. God, Lex, just piece it together already. Nixon gets up, telling Lex that he'll show Lex some hard evidence tonight, and that there's more to Clark than meets the eye. There's what meets the hand and groin, for instance. Lex threatens Nixon. Nixon says he doesn't plan to harass the Kents. But he might tell them about Lex's hiring him, or sell his discovery to the other Luthor. He's got your balls, Lex. How did you leave them unguarded like that? Lex tells Nixon he's playing a dangerous game. He warns Nixon that he'd better be right. Lex still looks tired.

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