The Al Gough Interview

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The Al Gough Interview
OG: How soon might we see Smallville on DVD? We've heard the pilot may be released as early as June. AG: The pilot and "Metamorphosis," put together as a movie. It's gonna be on DVD, I think, in June, and released in Canada. ["Woo!" -- Wing Chun] I don't know about the U.S. Europe will follow after. Also, the pilot and "Metamorphosis" put together -- we had put those together to get more money to make the pilot. We're trying to get word from Warners International and Home Video division to get a street date. The issue is they don't want to put things on DVD before syndication. The U.S. seems to be the last place to get seasons on DVD. In England you could have gotten Friends seasons years ago. OG: Buffy is another example of that. ["And Futurama." -- Wing Chun] AG: And X-Files. It becomes about these large entertainment corporations. They're trying to protect their investments. It's a shame. I'd like to get it out on DVD. They've certainly run the pilot on the air enough. OG: And everybody's got it on tape. AG: Sure, they have it on tape or TiVo'd. OG: Is there a soundtrack in the works? AG: There is a soundtrack in the works. It'll be out on the fall. We're working on that now. We're literally in the process of sitting down with record company and picking artists. Remy Zero's [theme] song will be on it, obviously. We'll put in music from shows and stuff we might put in shows next season. OG: Is there any merchandise you're particularly excited about? AG: There are action figures. There's something else: t-shirts. Property of Smallville High. I'm sure they have plans to do more of that stuff. There's a Smallville comic in the works. One of the writers here is working on that. OG: Do you feel there was a moment or episode where the show really hit its stride this season? AG: Honestly, for us, there were a couple of sort of points. "Hourglass," for us, was one where we felt we could do something. We were able to take the show to a different level. We sold the potential for the show to break out of the format we'd laid down for the first seven. Another big one was "Rogue." It was our first sort of kryptonite-free episode that stood alone. Those two episodes in particular. And then for us, "Leech" and "Stray" were two other sort of high points. "Nicodemus" as well. It was probably the most purely enjoyable episode of the season. "Rogue" was a real turning point for us. We were starting to hear online rumblings about the villains of the week. It goes back to the meteor shower -- that will always be there. It was interesting to introduce Metropolis, and also the idea that somebody without superpowers could really hold Clark's feet to the fire. It showed us that there are a lot of other stories to tell. Next year, kryptonite villains will be in the mix, but not the primary source of storytelling.

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