You Can't Always Get What You Want

by Omar G September 15, 2008
The Brian Behind Smallville

BP: I would say they may have searched... God knows if Ollie/Green Arrow walked in with that outfit he'd be quite popular. [Laughs.] Especially certain bars. I would say maybe that happened offscreen.

OG: "Offscreenville."

BP: Exactly.

OG: With Lex and Lionel gone, at least for the foreseeable future, will there be any exploration of the Veritas storyline, or is that storyline played out?

BP: I would say very, very little, because we tried to have a season storyline, but then what's been great is that we'll go back to it like we did with Level 3, which kind of evolved into 33.1 and that straddled several seasons, and Brainiac straddled several seasons. So, I think we're getting away from that. That was really used to explain a lot of the backstory of the things that have happened over the last seven seasons. The idea of The Traveler and the fact that there was a group that knew about him will probably be kept alive.

OG: What about the mansion? Will it be turned into luxury condos?

BP: It actually is the home to Tess, who is our new femme fatale on the show. She makes a very dramatic entrance into it in the season premiere, so you can't miss that.

OG: You still communicate with Al and Miles. Do they miss the casting sessions for these femme fatales?

BP: They loved casting. They're so busy in their own worlds, but I'm sure they miss it, especially casting, because that was something that was really important to them. Hopefully we've done right. We'll see on the night of this season premiere.

OG: Now that Lex is gone, does The Daily Planet go about cleaning up its reputation and getting back to the newspaper we're more familiar with, one that's actually good for journalism?

BP: You are doing a good job of taking their questions and molding them! I'm very impressed. Yes, The Daily Planet is the seat of a lot of activity this season because of the person now at the helm of The Daily Planet, because of Clark working with Lois, because of Jimmy... I think it will, just like Clark and his relationship with Lois, it will gradually evolve to what people are familiar with. But they wouldn't want it to be exactly what they know for 2 or 3 or 4 seasons. I think that might get a little stale.

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