You Can't Always Get What You Want

by Omar G September 15, 2008
The Brian Behind Smallville

BP: It's a little late by then.

OG: I wanted to bring up an episode that you wrote: "Noir." That was a very polarizing episode. I still hear people bring that one up. It seems like every season, like "Thirst" in the fifth season, there's always one or two kind of oddball episodes that are like, "Okay, forget all this other stuff that's going on, we're going to go in this direction and have some fun and do something off the wall." Do you anticipate the reaction to those episodes?

BP: We do, we do, and we always know they're going to be split right down the middle in the reactions. We try to have them not be too far out of the park, but sometimes they end up a little more out of the park than we expected.

OG: Like Jimmy James Bond?

BP: Okay, I was partly responsible for that, I will admit it, I will admit it. Yes, we try to have a very tight storyline and a lot of mythos in every episode. The great thing about Smallville is that every show is like a mini-movie, where you never know if it's really going to be a thriller or a little bit more of a big sci-fi action movie or a little bit more of a romantic comedy. They kind of straddle [a line] episode-by-episode. Sometimes, we want to push the envelope. I have to say, I know a lot of people probably did not respond to "Noir," but we won an ASC Award for the cinematography on that. It was incredibly fun to write, the actors had an amazing time. To me, it's fun to see the people that you see on a daily basis a little out of their wheelhouse. Kind of like "Sleeper," though I don't dare say that or I'll get hate mail. It's fun sometimes to see people like China, or "Sleeper," where it's a little bit out of there.

OG: Like lesbian vampires...

BP: Lesbian vampires... [Laughs.] Not sure I can defend lesbian vampires. But we did one in the 1950s, "Relic" in Season Three, I believe, that was also kind of controversial. I think they add a life to the show. I can't defend them to my death, but I think they add a certain life to the show.

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