You Can't Always Get What You Want

by Omar G September 15, 2008
The Brian Behind Smallville

BP: You're like, "Are you kidding me?" I do read it sometimes.

OG: We did ask readers of the forum on TWoP if they had any questions they wanted to add.

BP: Yeah, I saw that. [Laughs.]

OG: A lot of it was like, [Comic Book Guy voice] "In episode 4-12..."

BP: My favorite are, like, the, "I have a huge rant, but I'm gonna try to frame it in the form of a question." Those are my favorites.

OG: I've been following the show since the beginning and we've seen a lot of writers and producers come and go. You've been around since near the beginning.

BP: Since the beginning of Season Two, yes.

OG: What's kept you on Smallville for so long? Has being there so long helped maintain some consistency on the show and are you one of the institutional memories on the show?

BP: I would say yes. For Kelly, my writing partner, and I, it all started when we were looking for shows to staff and we read the pilot of Smallville. The second we read it, we knew that was the show we wanted to work on. So, we were so thrilled to get staffed in the second year. We started with Todd (Slavkin) and Darrin (Swimmer), who are now currently our co-show runners; the four of us run the show. I think what has been great for us is that the staff, the crew, the cast, is just unbelievable to work with. But telling the story of Superman is a once-in-a-lifetime possibility. It's really great for us to continue telling the story of one person and his journey to being the hero that we know. So, I think what's also been great is that working with Al (Gough) and Miles (Millar) consistently for those six years, we learned everything that they wanted on the show, everything that they didn't want, the themes that they were passionate about, the character arc that they were passionate about. We've hopefully been able to continue those and not have any massive change this year, but really just continue the journey of Clark Kent as he becomes Superman.

OG: What was your background with Kelly before Smallville?

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