You Can't Always Get What You Want

by Omar G September 15, 2008
The Brian Behind Smallville

BP: A lot of that was purposeful on our part. We wanted him to have an arc and so we wanted him to start someplace. This year, he's really decided to join The Daily Planet because of events that happen in the pilot that link to last year and him realizing it is the epicenter of information in the city. If he wants to start saving people actively in Metropolis, it's kind of ground zero for all information. So it's part of him really taking a step and embracing his destiny.

OG: In the past, it seems like Chloe has been the epicenter of information, no matter where she is.

BP: Chloe will always be the epicenter of information and we would never want to change that. We have given her some, I think, more character storylines that are really reflective about herself, her life and where she fits in. As you know, she's never been part of the greater mythology, so we're trying to have her explore different storylines, but she will always be Chloe, the Chloe we love. We have some things I think will make the fans happy this year about some twists and turns in her life as she goes through the season.

OG: Have you all said whether that will take place at The Planet and whether she'll return to becoming the hotshot reporter that she'd always aimed to be?

BP: I don't want to give away anything, because I want everyone to just enjoy the ride. But I will say that I do think people will be happy.

OG: Let's shift gears and talk about the movies. When Superman Returns was released, obviously there were a lot of comparisons made on how the movie approached Superman and the approach the show had been taking. But the movie underperformed at the box office and the show has been on for eight seasons. Do you think the movie's take was too traditional and didn't take risks like the show in recreating the mythology?

BP: Um... wow. Is that a can of worms. [Laughs.] Do you want me to get fired? No, I'm totally kidding. I will say that for several seasons we had to be very, very respectful and careful of the feature department because they had very strict restrictions on what we could do with Lois, how we could treat Lex, who could cross, who could kiss.

OG: That was more a movies thing than D.C. Comics?

BP: That was in preparation for the movie. Smallville definitely had to adjust itself given the different scripts. In one week a script would come out where Lex knew about Krypton. The next month a script came out where he didn't. We had to keep trying to be respectful of that, but keep our mythology, which was definitely a gauntlet to run, I have to say. I think what was interesting about the movie was I thought it was visually gorgeous and Bryan Singer deserves many accolades for the take he brought to it. I think what people... I know they knock us for it, but what people like about Smallville is we're actually pretty true to our rules and to our mythology. We will take something far, but then we'll explain it and add a new layer to it. I think what you're saying about tradition played a part in the movie... it didn't add many new layers. But I think it was a visual masterpiece for what it was.

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