You Can't Always Get What You Want

by Omar G September 15, 2008
The Brian Behind Smallville

OG: Are you all already getting a heads-up on what the next movie will be and if you need to stay away from that?

BP: No. In fact, I'd rather not know so we can do what we want for a while.

OG: As far as the hardcore comics fans and movie fans, do you think that because it was a $200 million event movie, and because Smallville is so familiar and is on TV every week and doesn't have that kind of budget, that it's been hard to get those hardcore fans?

BP: I don't believe it's been that much of a struggle. I think the hardcore Superman fans are so amazing and so loyal that they embrace every different incarnation of the movies or the comic books or the many different versions in the comic books like Infinite Crisis. I think they embrace all the different versions, and I see how that can be frustrating at times. But I also think that they are who has really made Smallville, because they're loyal and they do watch, regardless of the different take, and they're curious about the different takes that have been presented.

OG: You were very diplomatic.

BP: [Laughs.] I have to say, this is all kind of riding off of Comic-Con. We have never been so amazingly embraced as we were this year by Comic-Con. The fans were so enthusiastic and so excited about the show. We owe everything to them.

OG: There's certainly a superhero upswing. I guess the trend this summer was a very dark and complex take. Smallville has been dark in the past, but it's generally farmboy, sunny...

BP: [Laughs.] Right, Ma and Pa Kent.

OG: Will Clark grow a dark and complex goatee in Season Eight, maybe, to get with the dark and complex times?

BP: I think the great thing that Al and Miles created was a very timeless show where you weren't sure if you were in the 1950s or the 1990s or 2000s. It felt like a world all on its own, so we're really trying to stick with that even though we're moving into Metropolis a lot. There've been some really dark, heavy episodes, but they're always juxtaposed with the brilliance of the farm and the different sets we have. We're definitely having some pretty dark episodes this year. And the introduction of Doomsday has added a layer that I think is even darker than a lot of the other years have had.

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