You Can't Always Get What You Want

by Omar G September 15, 2008
The Brian Behind Smallville

OG: Yeah, they're gonna hang me if they don't hear something about that. Why do you think people are reacting that way?

BP: There are so many fans that believe that Chloe and Clark belong together and that they love each other. Another great thing that I'm excited about in the season is that we're really taking some time in a few episodes to explore that. But, I also think they know that Chloe has been through the wringer and deserves some happiness in her life. So, I think Chloe has found a really nice balance this year in what she wants in her life and what people mean to her.

OG: How has the dynamic of the storytelling and the vibe on the set changed without Michael Rosenbaum and Kristin Kreuk?

BP: It was a really teary goodbye when he left. Everybody just adored Michael. We adore Michael. He's much of the show, still, and to watch him spread his wings and go explore his career was really tough for us because he just brought so much to that character -- and to the set, really. He was so vibrant on the set. I think what it allows is that there's sort of a new freshness this year. There are new villains, there are new characters, there are new triangles that haven't been played before and dynamics that you kind of see when you watch the episodes. We've had, I think, four cuts come in so far and it still very much feels like Smallville and the characters we know, but it's different dynamics that make you kind of go, "Huh. Interesting." Doomsday, this new character, and Tess Mercer, who's kind of a combination of Miss Tessmacher and Mercy from the different versions before, have come in and really complicated Clark's life. Not to mention trying to save the world while you're basically trying to work for Lois Lane. Who, in her own way, is another antagonist all of her own.

OG: Clark will be reporting directly to Lois?

BP: Mmm-hmm.

OG: Would Lois be the world's worst boss next to Michael Scott from The Office?

BP: Pretty much.

OG: Is there any chance Rosenbaum would be back at all for Season Eight?

BP: We're all very hopeful. There's certainly nothing in place, but the door is open. It's just something to work out. We do keep the character of Lex Luthor alive. We certainly haven't seen the last of him and the door is open for Michael to come back.

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