You Can't Always Get What You Want

by Omar G September 15, 2008
The Brian Behind Smallville

OG: And Kristin Kreuk, she is in this season, right?

BP: Yeah. She'll be in five episodes in the middle of the season. And we kind of see a new side of her when she comes back, which is fun.

OG: Is it the Chun Li side?

BP: Kinda! We wanted to give her character the finale that she deserves. More than, certainly, the videotape we ended the finale with. That's gonna be a really fun run as well. I actually can't wait to see her as Chun Li. We did one episode in China and she was just phenomenal. She did her own wirework, and she just kicked ass.

OG: Some of the fans were surprised that Kara would have a reduced role this season. What was the strategy behind that?

BP: The big thing for us was that Al and Miles brought her in to enlighten some of Clark's back story. She really brought in stories about his parents and Krypton and his origins. But, as we ended the season, we realized a lot of those stories had already been told in one season. We're bringing her back in episode nine this year to close off what we left off in the season finale. That was really the reasoning there. We adore Laura (Vandervoort), she was a perfect Supergirl, I thought. But we really capped off a lot of the stories she brought to the show.

OG: With the executive changes and a lot of the big casting changes on the show, does it kind of feel like a reboot to you guys? Especially if it goes to Season Nine? Do you feel this gives you a chance to re-energize and restart?

BP: It does, but I'm leery of that word because it feels like we're kind of changing everything up. I see it more as a really fresh evolution. What's great is that Tom came in this year and he had all these ideas. With the new crew and the new cast that we have, it's more of an evolution because unlike ER, which has over 8 or 9 seasons had all these revolving people in and out, ours is the story of one person in particular. I think it's inevitable that as the seasons go, he matures, his story changes, his world changes. This is a pivotal moment in that, but it's not a reboot, I wouldn't say.

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