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JL: There isn't a "how often?" What Al and Miles excel at is coming up with (a) movie moments for a television show and (b) fighting like heck to get them into the show. Do they all make it? No. But, we're never told from the get-go, "Don't write that, it's too expensive." And conversely, we've seen scenes that were smaller (for example, the opening war footage with Whitney in "Visage" was conceived in the first draft as a smaller scene) and the production team, and Al and Miles managed to make it something pretty spectacular. OG: You came in after the first season, when most of the characters' personalities were established and the show was trying to break away from the "Villain of the Week" syndrome. Do you feel the second season accomplished that? What do you think were the successes in the second season? JL: It's funny because so many people comment on the difference between Year 1 and Year 2 and I know that we couldn't have had a good Year 2 without all the hard work done in Year 1. They built the foundation. They created the look, tone, and most importantly, the timbre of the characters voices. That's the hard work. The sophomore year is where the show -- any show -- can grow, and largely due to Al and Miles and the rest of the gang, we took the show to the next level. But, make no mistake, this was all part of Al and Miles's plan. And while I'm proud to be part of something that will grow even further in Year 3, its success is due to the foundation. It was Al and Miles's reimagination of the Superman legend that opened the door for hundreds of stories. Now, we get the fun part, which is telling those stories. OG: Are there things you think could have been handled a little better in the second season? JL: Honestly? Nope. I think we had a great year. Is every episode a pearl? Nope. No show can expect that -- it's twenty-two hours of programming. But, we hit the ball out of the park more often that not and we always got doubles and triples. Our audience grew at an alarming rate, we're the #1 show on the network -- so what's to complain? We just want it to continue to get better. And it will. OG: We've been told all along that Clark and Lex's relationship would deepen and that Lex would continue his move toward Darth Vader territory. But except for an occasional flash of anger and a more suspicions about Clark, Lex doesn't seem any more evil toward the end of this season than he did last season. Has Lex's story arc changed? Will it be one event that will push him over the edge?

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