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OG: Some of the best supporting characters were done away with this season -- Sheriff Ethan, Dr. Hamilton, Professor Snideface. [Omar's note: Just found out Professor Snideface will be back in the finale.] Please tell me you guys at least trying to get Crispin Glover or Luis Guzman or "Boof" from Teen Wolf to make up for it. JL: I doubt that Teen Wolf will be coming by -- he's hardly a teenager anymore. The supporting cast gets to change, live, die -- it's all part of the color of the show. But, none of that works unless the cast is cooking, and we're very lucky to have a tremendously talented group of folks who make it sing. OG: How do you top rampaging tornados for a second-season finale? Will it be a cliffhanger? JL: Ah, that would be telling and telling leads to yelling (at me) and me no like yelling. Watch the show! Enjoy it fresh out of the can! All I can say is that it will be...unexpected! OG: Okay, I know I'm not a writer on the show, but for a future season cliffhanger: Krypto-prairie dogs. Come on. How great an idea is that? JL: Er...can I go home now?

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