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Cut to an excited Chloe entering the basement floor of the newsroom and carrying a box of her belongings. In voice-over, Chloe says that Kahn never did publish the article, but that she did give Chloe a chance to start on the ground floor of her dreams. Chloe gushes that it's the newspaper of record for kings, presidents, and prime ministers. "Not to mention future superheroes," she says. So is she speaking from the future? Does this mean Chloe definitely won't die? Or is she just assuming Clark will make his mark as a superhero here one day? Chloe gets to a desk in the retro-looking office while people in nice clothes walk around. As the camera pulls back, Chloe says that, the way she saw it, she had nowhere else to go but "up, up and away." The camera pulls back through a window, and we see a heavily CGIed shot of The Daily Planet's building with the big spinning globe up top. We go to black.

Title card: "In memory of Kimberley Regent." She was a props crew person on the show.

What follows are video previews for songs off the Metropolis Mix soundtrack, on sale Nov. 8. It's just clips from old shows with not-great songs attached. The first is Josh Kelley's "Almost Honest," with a bunch of Lana and Clark scenes. The next is Diamond Nights's "The Girl's Attractive," with lots of shots of Lois and last week's T&A shots, plus some assorted fast action bits. The last is Breaking Benjamin with "Forget It." This one has scenes of the whole cast, plus Aquaman.

Next week: Lois is a stripper. Imagine our surprise. Plus: the Duke boys reunite.

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