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Lex, mock clapping, approaches SoFine at his podium. He says that the lecture was interesting. SoFine says he hopes Lex was taking notes. Lex says he's being painted as "the poster child for corporate villainy." Lex says that some of the things SoFine is telling the students come dangerously close to libel. No, they don't Lex. They may come close to slander, that which is spoken, but unless SoFine is publishing his lectures in print (or online, I suppose), it ain't libel. "It's only libel if it isn't true," says SoFine. Well, that's not entirely accurate either, but we'll let that one slip. My Mass Comm professor used to love picking on me (maybe because I dressed like him for Halloween one year), and many of his in-class examples about libel would begin, "Say I publish a story implying that Gallaga has a loathsome disease..." SoFine says that everything in his lectures is supported by his research, adding that Lex is a fascinating subject. Oh, man. Are they gonna kiss? Lex chuckles and asks whether SoFine knows what fascinates Lex. Lex says that SoFine has been lecturing about LuthorCorp projects that aren't yet public knowledge. "I'm sorry, I never speculate," SoFine responds as he keeps packing his materials. SoFine once again touts his crazy mad research skills. Lex asks whether one of SoFine's research sources is Clark Kent; Lex knows that SoFine hired Clark as a research assistant. SoFine, standing in a two-shot behind Lex, asks, "Now, why would a man of your stature be so concerned with the comings and goings of a freshman farmboy?" Because the comings of Clark were Lex's chief hobby for a few years. Lex changes gears and says that he donates quite a lot of funding to the university. That allows him lots of access to the dean, and to the academic review board. "The buying of influence is part of my second semester," SoFine says. "If you have a second semester," Lex scoffs. SoFine blinks, taking it seriously but not really seeming too threatened. Lex leaves the room. SoFine smiles slightly. Titans of men!

Before the last scene ends, throbbing music begins to play, leading us to a sorority scene. Hey, Lex and SoFine are great and all, but these are sorority chicks! Try as I might, I can't turn off the receptive nerves in my brain that like lady pillow fights and mud wrestling. Just be glad there's no mud wrestling in this episode. The Tri Psis are all wearing white outfits as they size up the remaining pledges. There are only four left. It must be a few days later, because they're getting praised for being amazing during Rush Week. Queen Tart tells them that they were like little rough diamonds. However, she says, not all of them will make it. Queen Tart asks Carol, Bobbie, and Susan to step forward. She's got a great chirpy and annoying voice on her line deliveries. They're doing a much better job casting smaller parts these days. "The three of you were really great!" Tart squeals. Lana, wearing black, looks around uncomfortably. Queen Tart says that great isn't good enough; they have to be excellent all over. She bids them bye-bye. And "Toodles!" "Wait, wait a minute. You mean that I'm in?" Lana asks, pointing to herself. Yeah, what exactly was so excellent that got Lana in and not the others? Given what we know later, I'd say it was just general suckiness. One of the assistant tarts says, "Come on, Lana. You were amazing!" In Bizarro World...(! Maybe this is an elaborate Triumph the Insult Comic Dog joke leading to, "...for us to poop on!" I'll bet some internet lowlifes would pay to see that. Lana has no idea what to make of this, but thanks them anyway.

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