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Ghost Bad

Disorderly's house. He still wants Lois to slit her wrists, or else her cousin's face "won't be so pretty anymore." Dude, we get it. Can we just get through this? Lois acts like she's going to cut her hand, but then goes, "HAGGH!" and throws the knife at Disorderly. We follow the knife's flight in slow motion until it lands in his chest. Gunk! Apparently he can't pick up the gun with his other hand. He kicks Lois's chair over, knocking her back. That's all it takes to make Lois fall unconscious. Disorderly moans as he pulls the knife out of his chest. He yells, asking if all the women in Chloe's family are crazy. Ha. Looking like he got his feelings hurt, Disorderly raises the knife to go stab Lois. "No, no!" Raccoon Chloe yells. The knife glows orange as something from the other side of the room hits it. It's Clark with his eyejaculation. Clark zips in to grab Disorderly, but Chloe's wrist bracelet glows. Disorderly takes the advantage and punches Clark. Clark the Wuss falls down. Disorderly comes at Raccoon Chloe, about to stab her. She repeatedly calls him "Mikey" to try to calm him down. He's like, "Whaaaaa?" She reminds him that his dad used to call him Little Mikey and he hated it. Especially since his name was Tom. He asks how she knows so much. Raccoon Chloe says that she knows all his secrets. She tells him she's Gretchen. Oh, snap! She tells "Mikey" that she needs him. She asks him to take away all her secrets and to make it stop hurting like he did before. Dude, this is some fucked-up shit right here. "Anything for my girl," he says, happily. She whimpers. Clark? Wanna take this one? No? All right, then. Disorderly leans in with the knife. Raccoon Chloe got a hand loose somehow and sticks the bracelet's jewel in Disorderly's neck. He glows all green. He falls back. "No! What are you doing?" he asks himself. So, apparently, Gretchen is now in his body, forcing him to stab himself. Lame, lame, lame. He asks her to stop. He glows really bright. The spirit of Raccoon Girl leaves his body and appears in the air as a young girl's face. It is slightly less Raccoonish. Chloe stares at the girl's image before it glows and disappears. Chloe is crying. So, I guess Disorderly is...dead, then? Nice. Lois wakes up. Clark wakes up. I want to go to sleep. Lois unties Chloe's other hand. Clark, late for the party, asks what happened. Uh, you totally fucking choked, that's what happened. Douche. Chloe, crying, gets up. She says that Gretchen got what she came back for. Lois pretends to know what the fuck is going on, but there's no way she does.

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