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Ghost Bad

Chloe's scary hospital room. Funky noises. Hey, it's The Others from Lost! "Help me, please!" we hear a girl whisper, as we hear sounds like a very small train passing. Chloe wakes up. We see a fluorescent light flashing on and off through the open door to the bathroom. Chloe disconnects the tube to her IV and rises out of bed. Crazy overhead shot. Those are some high ceilings for a hospital. Chloe walks slowly toward the bathroom as the crazy cacophony continues. Chloe enters the bathroom. "Hello?" she asks. The lights flicker off. Come back on. Flicker off. Come back -- RACCOON GIRL! Chloe jumps and yelps. Someone touches Chloe's back. Chloe spins. It's Lana. ACCK! That's even scarier. Chloe is breathing fast and looking around. Lana says that she got here as fast as she could, and asks if Chloe is all right. Chloe goes nutty. She asks about the girl who was just here. Chloe sees footprints made of blood across the tile. "My God. There's so much blood," Chloe whispers. Lana watches Chloe pad across the floor, on which there are no bloody footprints, and tries to get Chloe back to bed. Chloe says she has to find "her." She just saw her.

Chloe walks out to the hallway. She runs right into Dr. Turtleneck, who has dispensed with the turtleneck. I refrain from calling him Dr. Open Collar. Chloe tries to explain the situation in rapid-fire Gilmore Girls-style dialogue, and the doctor keeps making little assurances that he's listening even though he's totally not. Turtleneck and the creepy orderly push Chloe back to the room and onto the bed. It's time for electroshock treatment! Turtleneck, calm and cool, calls for a nurse as they grab Chloe's arms and hold her down. A little close to grabbing Chloe's fresh wrist wounds aren't we, doctor? Chloe begs for them to listen and yells, "No!" as she sees a nurse arrive with a needle. "She needs our help!" Chloe cries as we pan away from the injection. The camera settles on Lana, in the doorway, because it's all about her. A doctor with his arms crossed in the background observes. Mmm, that's good sedation. "Make them listen, Lana!" Chloe screams from inside the room. The creepy strings rise as we hit a hard blackout.

Commercials. Victoria's Secret? Oh, crap, I forgot to get a Valentine's Day gift! For Adriana Lima! Be right back.

Lair of Lex. I don't know if those curved maroon chairs in front of his desk are new, but I know I like them. Lex is wearing a casual long-sleeved shirt, and is talking on the phone at his desk. He asks someone how hard it is to find a college professor in a dirt state. Is "dirt state" like a state of being dead and buried? Is that like a "dirt nap"? He tells the person on the phone that he wants Professor SoFine located, or else the person on the phone will be missing. Lana appears in the doorway of the large double doors. Lex hangs up the phone. "Lana," he says. Ya think? On this show? Lex senses that something is wrong. Lana, hands dug into her pockets, tells Lex that Chloe is in the hospital; she says that Chloe tried to kill herself. Lex takes a tiny moment to wonder if that would help or hurt him, then looks concerned and asks if she's all right. Lana's not really sure. I think that, after the last scene, the correct answer would be, "No. She's really not." Lana says that Chloe was talking crazy, and that they sedated her. "Who's her doctor?" Lex asks. Everyone on this show should be on a first-name basis with every doctor in the state of Kansas by now. Lana says that it's some psychiatrist at the medical center. She says that's why she came to visit Lex: she's wondering if the doctors at Belle Reve really helped Lex when he was staying there. Lex thinks about that. "I'll make the call," he says. Junior-level evil! Lex says that Chloe will have the best doctors this side of Vienna helping her. I'm sure they'd settle for the best doctors this side of Tennessee. Lana thanks Lex for the help. Wow, it's awesome that Lana and Lex get to decide Chloe's course of medical treatment, not her doctor or her damn father.

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