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Commercials. If firefighters were really in charge of everything, I would hope I'd have enough clout to get them to hose down people who piss me off.

Stately Non-Luthor Manor. Tess is sitting at Lex's old desk, staring at a laptop screen. She's wearing the diamond bracelet on her left hand. Someone puts a newspaper on her desk, surprising her. How is she surprised to have someone just show up? Is her security as bad as Lex's was? Oliver is standing in front of her, half-smiling. The headline on the newspaper says, "Billionaire bender." A photo shows Oliver stumbling. "Really?" is all he says. Ha. Tess asks what happened to the party boy who hung up his beer bong so he could do good in the world. Oliver says he's not the guy in that article anymore. Tess is skeptical. "You're Oliver Queen. World-famous Samaritan," she says sarcastically. "And I was his first save," she adds. As she comes around the desk, Oliver takes her left hand and looks at the bracelet. Tess is taken aback. Oliver says she was much more than that. Tess says she's glad Oliver is all right. She changes the vibe to say that she needs the head of Queen Industries alive if LuthorCorp is going to keep its competitive edge. She goes to the cart to get herself a drink. Oliver, frustrated, throws up his hands a little. "Happy to help," he says. He looks around the office, remarking that it's a few pay grades up from her days studying jellyfish and protesting whaling ships. Oliver says that Tess plays to win and that he discovered how ruthless she is a long time ago. Tess ain't having that. She says that after what Oliver did to her, she wasn't going to just sit around and eat ice cream. Oliver accuses her of working for his worst enemy and then twisting the knife further by taking the entire company over. Oh, just merge! Tess, angry, says that Oliver's got some balls thinking all she's doing is dedicating her life to his downfall. She says she did it all for herself. Oliver starts to leave, saying their business is done here. Tess says it was done when Oliver said goodbye. "Oh wait," she says, "you never actually did, did you?" Oliver comes back at her, saying that the word is on the tip of his tongue. Tess says she didn't call him here for that. She wanted to give him something. She hands over a red folder. She says that Papa Luthor may be dead and buried (harrumph.), but that maybe this will help Oliver sleep at night. Oliver takes a look. He can't believe it, whatever it is.

Daily Planet. Clark walks in to the basement wearing a full suit and carrying a coffee cup. He sets it down as he sits next to Lois at her desk. She takes the coffee from him and tells him he's getting the hang of things. The way they're handling the cup, it's obvious there's no real hot coffee inside. Clark starts to protest that Lois took his drink, but gives up. Clark says Chloe told him Lois never came home the night before. Lois says it's not what he's thinking. She played nurse, but not doctor. She says she's been working all night. Clark picks up a piece of paper from her desk. "Pet adoption fair? This Sunday?" Lois gives Clark a dirty look. Clark asks if she gave up her Oliver article for this. Lois doesn't answer. Maybe she finally got some sense knocked into that empty head of hers. Clark says it doesn't sound like her. Thank God. He thinks she might be a little shaken up from the night before. Lois acknowledges she's pretty messed up about it. Clark doesn't think she should have to bury herself in her work. I think that would be bad for all of us. Lois defends her pet adoption story, before dropping the fa├žade and saying she's realizing her relationship with Oliver is over. Clark says the feelings don't go away. He admits to watching the goodbye video from Lana more than once. Ugh. Lois says what we're thinking: she doesn't want to be part of the Clark/Lana rollercoaster. Preach it, sister. Lois says she has a delicate ego and isn't cut out to date a guy with a hero complex. What if it's a hero simple? Lois tries to be self-deprecating. She says Oliver is an icon, a "Man of Tomorrow" and she's just someone who writes about it. Clark says there's nothing wrong with that. Lois offers some wisdom about knowing that you broke up for a reason. Clark agrees without really knowing what she's talking about. Lois says that advice is free, but she pawns (or paws?) off her pets story to Clark. She says she's allergic to cats. "Get to work. Chop-chop," she says. No court would convict Clark if he threw her to Canada right now. Lois drinks Clark's coffee just to be a little more annoying.

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