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Isis. Chloe walks in, checking mail. She notices that the door to the command center is open. She walks over to find Davis standing there. Davis was checking in on Oliver. He says the guy has a great crew of friends. Chloe tries to pick up the papers on the table as Davis stares at them. He knew she did well on her SATs, but thought she only studied journalism. Davis asks if she's some kind of genius, then realizes she's embarrassed. Davis says there's nothing wrong with being smart. Thank you! Jeez. Chloe says that it's a problem when your wedding seating chart looks more to you like a Euclidean algorithm, it kind of is. Chloe dumps papers into a filing cabinet. Davis asks what Chloe's fiancé thinks. Chloe says it just happened. She asks Davis to keep it a secret. Davis says we all have a secret part of ourselves below the surface. He says he does too. Chloe smiles, but warning music plays.

Ace of Clubs. Oliver is at the bar, downing shots. Clark, still in his suit, finds him there. Oliver thanks Clark for helping Tess the night before. Her attacker is in jail, he says. Clark asks why Oliver never mentioned he knew Tess Mercer. He says it was in the past and he wasn't proud of how things turned out. Clark asks if it's a good idea to drink when he's just had poison in his body. Oliver tells Clark to stick to his milkshakes. He passes over the red file to Clark. Clark reads it. "Lionel Luthor killed my parents," Oliver says. Clark asks if he figured that out just based on flight records. Oliver says there were LuthorCorp employees on the maintenance logs. Clark asks if he thinks Papa Luthor paid to have the plane sabotaged. Oliver asks if Clark knew about this. Clark looks away. Oliver is upset. He knows Papa Luthor knew everything about Clark and thinks Clark must have known some of the old man's dirty secrets. Oliver can't believe Clark kept that from him. Clark says he was afraid Oliver would do something he'd regret. Raising his voice, Oliver asks if Clark thought he would kill the guy. "I wouldn't have killed him!" he says. Not very convincingly. He says he survived two years on an island by himself. He says when it wasn't pouring rain it was blistering sun. It looked pretty comfortable based on the bits we saw. "There were mosquitoes that ate me alive!" Oliver hollers. Oh, God, the mosquitoes! They were six feet tall and carried spears! They would pick you up and drop you in a volcano and steal your girlfriend! They would take the cooked boar right out of your hands and laugh at you! These were MOSQUITOES FROM HELL! Clark tries not to laugh. Oliver says it made him strong. Especially the mosquito bites. Stronger! Oliver thinks Clark is invincible, but not fearless. Yeah, that's Batman, dude. Oliver says Clark is afraid to trust his friends and afraid to accept his destiny. "You're afraid of everything," Oliver says. Pretty much. Oliver thinks Clark hasn't really been put to the test. Maybe, he says, Clark's island is still out there. With big motherfucking mosquitoes! They will EAT YOU ALIVE! You might even enjoy it.

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