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Taxi. Nighttime. A city street in Metropolis. Marcos, freed from jail, is asking the cabbie to take him to the airport. As Marcos's hand sits on the car door's window frame, someone wearing gloves rubs a flower across his hand. "What the Hell...?" Marcos says. Tess leans in. "You," Marcos says. No, "Tess." She says, "Who do you think paid your bail? Jail's too good for you." His vision starts to go blurry. He sputters and falls on his side in the car seat. Tess tells the cabbie to take the guy to the hospital since he's having a heart attack. "What am I, an ambulance?" he asks. Tess says they'll know what to do with him. The cab drives off. Tess stands up, defiant. A movie marquee is behind her, glowing. Tess drops the flower in slow motion from her gloved hands. She walks away. A car drives over the tropical flower. We see that it's Tess's vehicle, a Porsche. She drives off and we see her license plate: "NOMERCY."

Next week: Clark gets some action! Maybe.

-- Omar G. is a journalist and comic living in New Braunfels, Texas. You can find him on Terribly Happy, Space Monkeys! and at

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