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Opening credits. Commercials. Nick and Norah's Infinite Blah Blah I Don't Care. I'm too old for this shit.

Isis Foundation. Chloe, Clark and Oliver have arrived. Clark, carrying Oliver in by the arm, says he's getting worse and that they need to get him to a hospital. Oliver's shirt is untucked and his tie is undone. He looks like he could be rolling with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. Oliver makes it over to a psychiatry patient chair and lies down. Chloe says Davis is on the way. Sammy Davis, Jr.? Clark insists that they need a doctor. Chloe pulls him aside to say that if Oliver wanted no doctors, he must have had a good reason. "I'm not gonna stand here and watch my friend die!" Clark bellows, for no good reason. Right, but you think Chloe will let him die? Chloe, heavy with the eyeliner, says that she's worked side-by-side with Oliver and that when he says to do something, it's for a good reason. Clark tries to argue again, but Chloe shuts him down by saying she'd do whatever Clark asked, down to the letter, if he was in the same position. "Now, trust him!" she says. Clark offers to check Oliver's phone to find his date's number. A bit early to start moving in on the girlfriend-widow, isn't it, Clark? Davis arrives, wearing his paramedic gear. "Thank God," Chloe says, rushing to him. Davis gets to work. He says Oliver looks a lot worse than he was expecting. Thanks? Davis says Oliver's pulse is racing and he has a fever. Davis offers to set up a heart monitor, but will only wait an hour before he'll take Oliver to the hospital. That was about a five-second examination. Chloe thanks Davis and says that he can trust her. Davis sighs heavily. He goes to get the monitor and asks that they call him if anything should change. Clark uses Oliver's phone to figure out that his date was named Adriana. He tried to call her, but she won't pick up and hasn't tried calling since Oliver left the party. Clark says that he's going to the bar to look for her. Chloe is left alone with Oliver. She's stressed.

Daily Planet, same night. Lois walks into Tess Mercer's office, hollering, "Latest dish with a side order of spellcheck!" Oh, Lord. It's like an SNL sketch about Mel's Diner. Lois says there were some grisly murders down on Hampton. Tess, who is looking at some papers with an assistant, looks supremely annoyed to be bothered by this harpy. Lois just smiles. Tess wins my heart by saying, "Lois Lane. I haven't fired you yet?" Do it! DO IT! Lois says that Tess must be too busy printing her stories. Tess takes the paper that Lois is holding and puts it on her desk without looking at it. Lois notices a contact sheet of photos from Oliver's party on Tess's desk. She asks what's up with the collage. Tess acts like Lois should have already heard about what happened. She says that for a renowned party boy, that guy sure doesn't know how to hold his liquor. Lois can't believe that Tess is more concerned with "Smearing a humanitarian" than investigating the city's own version of Jack the Ripper. She asks if Tess even knows Oliver Queen. Tess flinches the tiniest bit and says quietly, "Not like you do." Tess asks if Lois doesn't take a little twinge of pleasure seeing her ex take a public nosedive. All of this will make sense later. Sort of. Lois says that Oliver is a good person who stands up against corruption. Tess says she was going to offer Lois the story, but after that testimonial, Lois isn't objective enough. So it would have been all right if she harbored deep, unfair resentment instead? Forget what I said about Tess. She's as shitty an editor/publisher as Lois is a shitty reporter. Lois says it's not news that someone gets drunk at a club. Tess thinks something awesome must have happened after the club exit. She says she needs someone to get to the bottom of this without suffering an emotional meltdown. Lois says she and Oliver were through a long time ago. She wants the story. Noooo! You do not cover your ex boyfriend as a news story for the world's greatest newspaper. GAAAHHH! Lois walks out, having decided what she's doing. Tess gives her a weak, "OK."

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