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Arrow Smith

I think we need a ... MONTAGE! Oliver is on the beach, sharpening some bits of metal. Then he's whittling some wood and refining the ends of some arrows. Then he has somehow crafted himself a hood to wear on the steaming hot beach. More whittling. With the help of a rock, Oliver puts together a bow by stretching a long stick and tying some string on it. Triumphant music plays as if this is the pinnacle of human achievement. Is he going to build a spacecraft next? We skip ahead to Oliver carving a circular target on a tree. Oliver starts shooting arrows. He misses several times. He gets a little better until he finally starts landing some arrows in the middle. Months pass. By this point, Oliver should be dead from starvation and the boar would have died of old age. Oliver fires one more arrow. In slow-motion, it hits dead center. He fires another. This one seems to have some real mojo behind it because it splits the earlier arrow. I guess he got good. We see Oliver wearing his ridiculous hood, but with no shirt. He takes off a blindfold, meant to impress his imaginary friends. Oh, I get it. He did it blindfolded. Well done. Now what's for dinner? Oliver hears some movement nearby. He runs toward it. It sounds like people talking. Oliver pushes a branch aside and his hand touches a pretty pink flower. Oliver sees some people camped out nearby, but almost immediately, the flower has begun to affect him. He blinks and looks at his hand. It's all black and pink from the plant. Oliver falls over. We see him lying on the ground. You'll never get to eat fresh, delicious pork at this rate.

That brings us back to Oliver lying down at Isis. Chloe is still by his side. A knock. Chloe answers the door. Lois is there, asking if she's seen Ollie. Lois notices Oliver lying down with his shirt open. She asks if he's been partying with Mötley Crüe. Lois is 43 years old. No joke. Chloe says it's not what she thinks. Sorry, Chloe, but I'm not convinced that Lois thinks. Lois ignores her and tells Chloe to go to the store and get a sports drink, as much Vitamin B as she can find and a dill pickle. I don't even want to ask what the pickle is for, but it sure sounds funny. "Let's go, tick-tock!" Lois says. Chloe assures her that Oliver isn't hung over. Lois finally notices the heart monitor. She asks what's up. Monitoring. Of the heart. No mention of you in there. Sorry. Chloe tells her that he's been poisoned. Lois goes to Oliver's side to tell him that she's here. His head moves, but he doesn't wake up. Chloe has to have the same argument about not taking Oliver to the hospital that she had with Clark. Lois agrees that Oliver must know what he's talking about when he requested no doctors. She says she knows him better than anyone, which I think is just Lois talking bullshit. Lois goes to him. He whispers in his sleep, "Mercy." He repeats the word. As in, "Please show me mercy and get Lois the fuck out of here so I can die in peace." The camera gets shaky as we look at Lois from Oliver's point-of-view. We go to another flashback.

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