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Commercials. Max Payne. It might not be so horrible. I'm trying to keep an open mind.

Oliver's memories. We flash from Oliver at Isis to the increasingly steamy island. Oliver is leaning up, still shirtless, as Tess is tending to his leech wounds. He jokes that this isn't quite the scenario he pictured if he ever ran into a woman on this island. Oh, isn't it? I think you're making out pretty well here. The only way things could be any better was if you met a giant woman who was very buoyant and shaped like a boat. Tess doesn't crack a smile. She tells him to be glad that the treatment worked. Oliver, who has grown a bit of stubble, asks what they did to Tess. She says they were in Fiji doing some marine research (and tequila shots) when a speedboat came out of nowhere and attacked them. She says her guide and three classmates were killed. Oliver asks how many bad guys they're up against. She says there's the guy with the shotgun and another guy named Marcos. Two? That's it? They were on their way to Thailand, but stopped on the island to make a repair on their boat. And then set up this massive tent and medical center. They're not very efficient travelers. Oliver asks about Tess's friend. The friend is lying on her side, eyes open, her hands bound with rope. Don't worry, she has no lines. Tess says they'll all be all right if they can just get out of here. Marcos, who comes in looking pretty pissed off, asks how their golden goose is doing. Dude, I've only seen boar on this island and centipedes and... oh. You mean me. The guy knows who Oliver is. Oliver pretends that he's not Oliver Queen, which seems a bit silly at this point. Marcos recounts the famous story that Oliver took off with some friends on his yacht and got shipwrecked. Oliver survived while the others were shark-bait. Oliver, mad, gets up. But his hands are tied and Marcos has a big knife. You lose. Marcos holds the knife to Oliver's neck and grabs the back of his hair. Oliver asks Marcos to let the girls go. Marcos has a better idea. He throws Oliver down, pulls out a gun and shoots Tess's friend. Tess runs to her, crying. Marcos is about to shoot Tess as well, but Oliver gets in front of her. Marcos plans to ransom Oliver for millions, so he's not keen on killing the pretty boy. Oliver complains that he's been on this "Godforsaken island" for two years and that if he's going to die, it's going to be for a good cause. Could you kill him and send his gold fillings to the March of Dimes? Marcos does not shoot. Instead, he says that the boat is almost done so they'll soon be out of there. Oliver sweats and breathes heavily.

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