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Nurse Lois is tending to present-day Oliver. She's put a washcloth to his forehead. "Look at us, the noble couple," she says. She tells Oliver that she let him go so he could go save the world. She doesn't think this is saving the world. She thinks he backed out of their deal. Oliver can't hear her. Lois wonders if they didn't have it wrong and that neither of them is a hero. Lois, about to cry, says she wonders if she should have let Oliver go. Clark shows up. He asks how Oliver's doing. Lois just shakes her head without turning around. Clark puts a hand on her shoulder. Chloe shows up behind Clark. This is the scene where everybody sneaks up on everybody else. Chloe asks if she can talk to Clark. She shows Clark a bunch of papers and files lying on a table. They start talking about finding an antidote. Clark asks how they can find an antidote to a poison that's not in any public database. Chloe says they'll have to name it themselves. You can call it, "Lameacillin." Chloe rattles off stuff about cyanobacterias, chloroplasts and robodimensional paradoxes (sorry, my mind wandered) and presents Clark with a solution: she's found a flower that matches. This is when Chloe goes into hyperverbal mode, going through papers on the table and completely confusing Clark. Does she not know that you can completely stymie Clark's brain for days just by asking, "Penny for your thoughts?" Chloe takes a quick breath and stops. "Why are you looking at me like that?" Because you're scary? Clark says he feels like he's at a Met U. lecture. Oh, like you've ever been to a lecture at Metropolis University. Clark already thought she was the smartest person he knew, but he wonders how Chloe was able to trace a few chemicals to an obscure flower. It's Season Eight: Season of the Lightswitch. Chloe insists it's no big deal; she's just expanding her knowledge base. "You're getting smarter!" Clark says, like it's an accusation. What is she, running for president? Being too smart is a bad thing all of a sudden? Chloe says she doesn't have time to talk about this right now. At least not with someone as dumb as Clark. She walks into Lana's command center. Images are flashing on each of the many monitors in the room. Clark asks, "What is all this?" Data, Clark. Breathe it in. Thanks to Lex's obsession with toxins, LuthorCorp has the most comprehensive collection of organic material, Chloe says. Oh, just like Vivid Video has one of the world's most expansive collections of orgasmic material. The images on the screens start to speed up as Chloe absorbs them. Check out the big brain on Chloe! Clark is pretty scared. Clark circles around until he's standing in front of Chloe. Hey, dumbass! You make a lousy superwindow. Down in front! "You're reading all this, aren't you?" Clark asks. Again, he's incredibly suspicious of Chloe's intellectual pursuits. You should take advantage, dude. It's time for a Vegas road trip. Chloe pushes the space bar on her keyboard and stops on a picture of the pink flower. I'm just glad she didn't hit any Whammies. Chloe says that LuthorCorp has the flower, so they must have the antidote. Clark is still upset. He says that this must all be due to Braniac. Chloe admits that after Braniac attacked her, her hacking skills went from analog to digital. She admits she can now process data at lightning speed. She asks Clark not to feel like he somehow has to take the blame for this. Clark says they don't know what can happen since Braniac was behind this. Chloe counters that they don't know, so they shouldn't worry about it right now. She's grateful that something good came out of something horrible. She's looking at it as a gift that can save Oliver's life. She asks for Clark's trust. Chloe hands Clark a printout of the LuthorCorp data sheet. She thinks Clark should call in that favor with his new boss. Clark reluctantly nods.

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