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Liver Let Die

Commercials. It's good to buy things, America.

Kent kitchen. Clark Kent is back to normal, and we know this because he's wearing an awful tablecloth-looking red plaid shirt. He's also sweeping up glass shards left by the choking and throwing of Bo Duke earlier. Clearly peeved, Clark asks what else Papa Luthor did while haunting around his bodacious bod. Bo tells Clark that he quit the football team. Clark says he'd better call the coach and apologize. MamaKent adds that he pissed off Chloe and Lana, too. Clark hesitates to use the phone. He says he wants to get that artifact back. Couldn't he have used X-ray vision to find it while he was already there? Bo thinks that Clark should stay away from the prison. Clark is worried that Papa Luthor will find it first. Clark tells them that he heard the same ringing sound when he was Kal-El and ripped the door off of Lex's plane a while back. Bo asks what happened to that artifact. Clark says he put it in a chamber in the cave wall. There's room for two more, including the one Papa Luthor had. MamaKent asks why he didn't tell them this before. Clark says he wanted to close the chapter on Jor-El. Bo, with a small gash on his head, disagrees when Clark says he thinks the artifacts are meant for him. MamaKent says Papa Luthor is more dangerous now that he knows Clark's secret. Clark tells them that Papa Luthor is dying.

...Or is he? In a prison exam room that looks a little too high-tech for criminals, a doctor is telling a shirtless Papa Luthor that something in his test results just can't be. Papa asks him to spill it. The doctor says that Papa Luthor's liver is entirely disease-free. Papa Luthor chuckles. He asks how that's possible. The doctor says it's the closest thing to a miracle he's ever seen. He asks if Papa Luthor has been taking any medicine or supplements recently. "Not that I know of," Papa says. Papa Luthor says he has no recollection of the past few days. He says, very seriously, that something inside of him has changed. He sounds very emotional. "Profoundly," he says, "I'm not the same man." Wait a minute. Are you trying to tell me that he's going good? Because as much as I'd like to see the Smallville version of A Christmas Carol starring John Glover ["not this one, though, I assume" -- Wing Chun], I would really, really miss his Magnificent and Bastardous ways. I'm not feeling too good about this one, folks.

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