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Liver Let Die

Bo Duke is kneeling next to a big tractor wheel. He calls for Clark. Clarkionel says, "Dad?" He resists the urge to crack Bo in the head with a big rock. Clarkionel does a little shambling walk with his hands behind his back. Bo says that he and MamaKent were worried about him. Bo jokes that it's never a good sign around the farm when people hear a weird noise. He asks Clarkionel to give him a lift with the tractor. Do what? Bo tells him to lift the tractor. The what? Clarkionel takes a long time to get it. "How would I do that?" he asks. Bo says that's funny, but that he doesn't have all day. "Let's go!" Bo bellows. Clarkionel bends down and starts to lift the tractor. This body really works! Clarkionel gets visibly aroused as he lifts the front of the blue tractor. Wheeeee! Bo says that's really nice, but he's not 5'4". "Lift it up over your head!" he says impatiently. Clarkionel nods. He lifts the thing straight up from the front, which doesn't work at all, given the angle and where he's lifting from. It looks pretty fake. But I guess it's a cool camera angle. I guess. Bo steps under the tractor. "Of course..." Clarkionel whispers diabolically, "it all makes sense now!" Bo asks if he said something. "Huh? What? No!" He forgets to twirl an invisible moustache and scream, "Bwah ha ha ha my evil plan!" Bo asks if Clark is all right. "Never felt better in my life," Clarkionel says, smiling.

Prison at night. That's when the shit goes down. Papa Clark is holding the body-switching rock and standing in his cell, which looks awfully spacious. The symbol on the rock is actually the same one as the tattoo currently residing on the small of Lana Lang's back. Papa Clark compares it to a photo hanging up on the wall of his cell. There's a Lionel Luthor version of The Wall of Weird in this cell.

Papa Clark's gazing is interrupted as the cell door opens. A guard lets in a nebbishy-looking guy in glasses and a black skull cap. He's holding a small stack of library books. He looks and acts a lot like Tony Hale (Buster) from Arrested Development. In fact, I had to look at the credits to make sure it wasn't him. "Oh. You must be Lex," says Nebbishy Ned He just knows he's going to get fucked tonight. "Lex? No, I'm not Lex. I'm Clark Kent!" Papa Clark says, ridiculously. I thought in prison, you always added "bitch" to someone's name: "I'm not Lex, bitch! I'm Clark Kent, bitch!" "Houston, we have a problem!" says Nebbishy Ned, bobbing his head around autistically. Ned says that the stone was meant for Lex. He goes to hunt for something. Papa Clark asks where they got the cool tattoo stone. In the background is a broken window, which seems like not a very safe thing to leave, with jagged glass like that, in a prison. Ned pretends not to know where the rock came from.

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