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Kent Farm. The cows love being back! In the barn, Clark is fixing the railing going up to the loft. He pops in a nail with his palm. Kara comes in, asking if Clark needs help. Clark says she's done more than enough. He has something for Kara. He tosses her silver bracelet to her. Neat-o! "Thanks for saving my life," Clark tells her. She says she couldn't have done it without Lana and Chloe. She thinks Lex would have dissected her brain by now if not for them. She can't believe she trusted Lex. Clark says she's not the only one to be fooled by the Luthors. Clark says he used to be best friends with Lex (really? When was that?) and that he was Papa's ally. Kara says it doesn't make sense. She says Lex saved her in Detroit and Papa saved both of them in Washington. Clark drops some wisdom. He says they're only capable of doing the right thing when it benefits them. "I want to see the good in people, Kara, but I think the Luthors are a lost cause." Kara tries to digest that.

A bridge heading to Metropolis. A town car stops on the middle of the bridge. The driver steps out of the car. We see Patricia through the window of the back seat. She lowers it. "Why are we stopped?" she asks. We cut to a shot from very far behind the car to see the driver raise a gun and shoot into the back seat. He gets back into the car and drives toward Metropolis. Well, there goes another interesting guest star. Sayonara, Patty Swann.

Lair of Lex. We see the locket that Patricia had been wearing. It has a swan on it. Someone is wiping blood from the locket with a cloth. We pull back to reveal Lex. He holds up the Veritas painting and the locket at the same time. He studies them both. Couldn't he have gotten more answers out of Patricia if she were alive? Oh well. Lex doesn't seem like he makes very good evil genius decisions.

Next week: a key is discovered inside the locket! To what, we have no idea.

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