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Stately Luthor Manor, nighttime. Kara, wearing a way-too-revealing white top and pajama bottoms, is sitting on the bed in what looks like Lana's old bedroom. She's going over documents related to her past that are all faked. There's a biology award, a citizenship award and what looks like a printout of a yearbook page. Kara sure wore a lot of eye makeup at Chippewa County High School. Her little write-up thanks her teachers for all their help and says she'll be modeling in the summer. Lex comes in through the open door. He asks how she likes her room. Kara, who looks awfully comfy, says she just moved in last night and it already feels like home. She thanks Lex. Lex asks if she's looking at her "Alleged biography." Kara says she's trying to jog her memory one last time. She doesn't think she was ever that person. Lex, sitting down on the bed, suggests she try the procedure they discussed. Kara says she doesn't like hospitals. Lex says it'll be done in his private clinic. He says he's got a top team of neurologists. Kara thinks. "You said you trusted me. Trust me now. Let me help you." Kara finally agrees. Big close-ups. Lex says he'll put his team together as soon as possible. He goes to the door and wishes her goodnight. No kiss? Kara stares again at her yearbook photo. Mmmm, modeling.

Lex, in his office, meets his lady assistant. They both watch Kara on security monitors he once said he'd remove from Lana's bedroom. The assistant says they haven't seen anything to suggest she's more than a pretty girl from Minnesota. Lex says he doesn't pay people to compliment her appearance. He says looks can be deceiving. The assistant tries to protest, but Lex says that her brain might contain answers to questions he's had for a long time. We need that nearly-empty brain! He says he's waited long enough. The assistant says the lab can be ready by the next day. Lex says that if she starts to get her memory back, the place should be locked down. He keeps watching her in bed. The camera zooms in on her face. Voyeuristic. Shouldn't she be showering soon?

Clark's cage. Evil Patton just keeps torturing Clark. Isn't he tired of that yet? Papa Luthor comes in and sees what's happening. He yells at the guy to stop it. Now! He does, reluctantly. Papa says he built the cell to contain Clark, not torture him. Patton says he was hired because of his experience dealing with meteor freaks. Papa warns that if anything happens to Clark, Evil Patton Oswalt will be held responsible. Patton chews on that. Papa watches Clark lying in the cell. Clark is still groaning.

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