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Lana is shutting the back of Chloe's Yaris, which is packed with break-in supplies like bottled water and a flashlight. They're just outside The Talon. Lana shows Chloe a blueprint she somehow acquired. It shows a secret passageway connected to a hill she says is pretty far off the road. Lana says it'll take a while to climb. "If it means saving Clark, I'd climb Mt. Everest," Chloe says, rolling up her window. And there goes the Yaris.

Lex's House of Peeping. Lex walks in to his lair asking his assistant if Kara and the lab are ready. The assistant, who appears to be wearing strange red stockings, says they are. "Good, it's time to find some answers," Lex says. Go team! The monitors suddenly go to static. Lex, alarmed, turns and asks, "What happened?" Speedy 24-style music starts to play. "The feed's been cut!" Lady Assistant tells Lex. "Lock this place down! Now!" Lex barks. He starts to run out of the room. We cut to the bedroom where Kara grabs her bags to go. Lana and Chloe suddenly pop into her room. Lana says she has to come with them now. "We'll explain everything later. You have to trust us," Chloe says. If I were Kara, I totally wouldn't. We see Lex and a henchman approach the room. They enter Kara's room, but she's already gone. Did they take Kara by force? Because I just can't see her trusting Chloe or Lana. Lex looks around the empty room. Dammit!

The Kryptonite cage. Clark, still bloodied up, is standing. Poor Man's Patton Oswalt taps on the glass with his Taser gun. He tell Clark that he's not getting out of there and that he helped design this cage. Uh... thanks? "What do you want from me?" Clark asks. Patton walks around the cage. He says he's seen a lot of terrible things in this town. Brother, so have I. So have I. He asks how a place called "Smallville" could be filled with such death and destruction. Because it's on The CW? He thinks it has something to do with Clark. Clark wonders if he won't reconsider keeping him in this cage. He asks if the guy works for the government. The guy says he was head of security at 33.1. The lab that kept getting broken into? Heck of a job there, Brownie. He says he tracked down a lot of meteor freaks, but Clark's in a category all by himself. The dumb, gay, primary-color-wearing, male model category. "The government wouldn't know what to do with you," Patton tells Clark. Yeah, they'd play with him for two hours, and one government official would be like, "I'm bored. What should we do with him now?" "I don't know man. He sucks at Guitar Hero, even with his superpowers. I say we let him go home." Patton swivels around a duplicate console from the one he was using earlier. This one is conveniently located right next to the cage. He raises the lever and makes it go dark green again. Clark arches his body in pain. It burns, dude! You dick! Clark falls. Patton is really enjoying this. "Enjoy your stay... freak," he tells Clark. Big dramatic music.

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