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Commercials. The idea of chocolate bunny having sex with a jar of peanut butter has just been plucked from my dreams.

Kent Farm, daytime. The cows want a Season Eight so they can finally get a real storyline. Inside the Kent kitchen, Clark is serving Patricia a hot beverage while she sticks a bag of frozen veggies on the back of her head. You're a farmer who buys frozen vegetables, Clark? Really? They should have flunked you out of FFA. Patricia says she never imagined the last son of Krypton making coffee. His cousin works at a coffee shop, too. They're sort of Kryptonian underachievers. "Just Clark," he tells her. She says her father thought the world of Clark. Which world? Clark says her dad was a great man. She presents a gift for Clark. It was her dad's journal, transcribed by his assistant. It was his last one. She gives it to Clark. It looks expensive. Where's Lana? Clark sits down and starts thumbing through the book. There are Kryptonian symbols and lots of cool-looking notes. Clark reads, "The Traveler will bring great change to the Earth." He forgot to add, " bed." Clark says he hopes he can live up to all these prophesies of what he's supposed to be. Patricia says she just met Clark, but she believe he's a force for good in this world. Or at least solid mediocrity. "What if that's not enough?" Clark asks. Patricia says there'll always be people like Papa Luthor willing to destroy others to get to him. She says he had the Queens' plane sabotaged so that it would crash and that he poisoned Edward Teague. She thinks he did the same thing to Dr. Swann. "Why would he do that?" Clark asks. She fills him in about Veritas. "He killed all those people because of me," Clark says, shouldering some more guilt so he can be even mopier. She tells Clark her dad always said that despite the power of the sun, it's always dark on half of the planet. He needed to spend his life in a planetarium to figure that one out? She says that for all the good Clark does, there'll always be people who try to use Clark for their own gain. She thinks Papa Luthor is just one of many. She wishes Clark would come with her. She thinks Papa Luthor is a threat to Clark as long as he's alive. Clark says he'll deal with Papa. Patricia offers to take an apartment in Metropolis. She wants to be there for Clark. "Just as my father was," she says. She wants to see The Traveler change the world someday. Any time now, Clark. Get a move on.

The LuthorCorp building, which hovers over the Daily Planet like a menacing bully. Papa Luthor is in his office, shaken up and drinking again. He downs one big sip of Scotch. Clark suddenly appears. Boy is he shitting a brick right now. "Clark. Oh. I, uh." Awkward! He says he's sorry Clark had to be locked in that cell. Ha! This ought to be good. Sorry I tortured you, bro. You're still my homie, right? He says he was trying to keep Clark safe. "Safe from what?" Clark asks. Bees! Crocodiles! Crocodiles with bees in their mouths and when they open their mouths bees come out! Papa walks away, nervously stammering about some letters he got. He says they threatened to kidnap Clark and take him away. He produces the Veritas letters. Papa says he didn't know who it was until he met Patricia Swann. He says nervously that he didn't know how many people were involved. Clark asks why Papa didn't just tell him about the threat. Papa says Clark would have rushed out to find his enemies. He didn't want to take a chance Clark might get hurt. Pretty lame, dude. Clark's not buying it. Did I mention the crocodiles? Or the bees? "Instead you shoot me with a Kryptonite Taser and you lock me in a Kryptonite cell?" Clark asks. Yeah, it sounds like a bad idea now, but at the time the idea was rockin'! I text messaged it to myself and everything! Clark asks why he would even build that thing. Papa says that Clark's not the only Kryptonian to have come knocking and that his fellow travelers are usually pretty violent. He says he built the cell for them. Uh... Clark confused. Clark angry! "Then why imprison me?" Clark asks. "Clark, son," Papa says. "You're not my father!" Clark shoots back. Indeed. Clark says he spoke to Patricia and that she told him about the Veritas murders. Papa says the truth can be manipulated. Clark says Papa's been doing that for years. Papa, sweaty, says he's a different man now. Clark looks away awkwardly. He wants to believe. A weird sound effect simulates Clark's thought process. "No, you're not," Clark concludes. He walks out of the office. Papa just stands there, holding his head down. Sadness. Evil sadness.

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