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Commercials. My wife and I had an interesting conversation about that Victoria's Secret "Perfect Man" spot after I joked that it was me and my wife made a comment about the mannishness of some of their models' faces, but it's probably too boring for me to share here.

It's snowing hard in Metropolis. We get a whitewashed fly-over of the city. Inside The Daily Planet, Jimmy, wearing a retro mustard short-sleeved shirt, is makin' copies. Jimmy. The Olsenator! Copies... All right, I've already bored myself with that one. Clark, wearing his much less attractive red shirt/blue jacket combo, calls for Jimmy. A little awkwardly, Jimmy says that Chloe's not here. How does Clark keep getting in the building? Does the front desk love him that much? Clark says that he's there to see Jimmy. Jimmy sighs and says he thought this was coming. Rationally, he says that, despite their differences, he thinks Clark is a decent guy. Clark squints. Jimmy says that Chloe obviously thinks Clark can walk on air. Sigh. "Who am I to stand in the way?" Jimmy asks, a bit pathetically. Jimmy walks away. Clark tries to stop him, and then Jimmy spins on Clark to say, "But if you hurt her...I don't care how impossibly gigantic you are. I will chop you down like a cherry tree. And that...ain't no lie!" He points a vaguely threatening finger at Clark and everything. Sometimes it takes me a while to take to a new character, but I think I love Jimmy for that one. Clark, a little bemused, says it's nice to know that Jimmy would risk getting put in traction to protect Chloe's honor. You know, Clark could have acknowledged that one without the lame bullshit threat. Jimmy, with amazing seriousness, says that a girl like Chloe is worth spending the rest of his life in a body cast for. Awww. Happy Valentine's Day, Jimmy. Clark says he feels the same way. Then he realizes what he just said and adds, "As her friend. Nothing more. I swear." Jimmy buys into that and nods. Clark tells Jimmy that now that he knows how Jimmy feels, maybe he'd like to reconsider his relationship with Chloe. Clark raises the eyebrows to let Jimmy know that Chloe's ready and willing. Jimmy asks if that's what Clark came to tell him. Clark brings up the business about Lana's trouble. "So what's the sitch?" says Jimmy. "Sitch"? Really? For "situation"? Although, now that you say it, I would like to see Wolf Blitzer's Sitch Room. Clark says that they need to track down a paparazzo, and asks whether Jimmy's worked with those kinds of guys before. Jimmy says that it took a week to wash off the slime. Clark has a name, and asks if Jimmy can track him down. Jimmy, brightly, says he can do anything for a friend of Chloe's.

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