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Commercials. Cinderella III on DVD. This time the mice are pissed! And they've got guns! Also, the Green Arrow cell-phone chronicles continue.

Smallville Medical Center. It always comes back to this place. Maybe they should have merged this show with Kingdom Hospital when they had the chance. Lana is lying in a hospital bed with barely a monitoring instrument around. MamaKent sits in a chair nearby. Lana's doctor, Dr. Mutant Deliverer, is over by a table. MamaKent rushes to the bed as Lana wakes; MamaKent tells her that she's in the hospital, and that she's in good hands. Good evil, mutant-delivering hands. Lana has a scrape on her forehead. The doctor says that Lana took quite a fall. He gives it an 8.5; she sort of messed up the landing. Lana puts her hand on her flat belly and says that all she cares about is the baby. Doctor Deliverer says that the baby is fine. In fact, the baby is stronger than us all and has taken care of itself with its healing mutant pre-natal vision. The doctor asks MamaKent to excuse them. She says she'll wait outside. The doctor tells Lana that he's worried about her blood pressure, which is a little high. A nurse walks in with a tray as the doctor says he's going to give Lana a mild sedative. Danger! Danger! This rings false! No morphine, please! Lana says, "No," but the doctor tells her that it won't hurt the baby. It'll make the baby stronger, able to chew through flesh! Bwah ha ha! Lana believes the doctor. He infuses Lana with the, heh heh, "sedative." Where're the Scientologists when you really need them? Lana drifts off. The doctor, all but cackling, allows Security Eyebrows to waltz right into the room and ask how Lana's doing. The doctor says that she's shaken. But not stirred, because she's asleep. Eyebrows says that they want to transfer Lana to a secure room, because she's still in danger. The doctor says that there might be a place they can use in the old wing. A place where there's no modern equipment and nobody around? Sure! Why not? That makes perfect damn sense. "Do it," says Eyebrows. Yeah, doctor, go handle security. I'll be by the snack machines. Eyebrows walks out. The doctor gives Lana a serious look.

Streets of Metropolis. Clark and Jimmy enter an old-school darkroom with lots of tinted lights. Clark asks if Jimmy is sure this is the place. Jimmy says that this is the rock under which the photographer is prone to crawling. Clark snarks that the parasite business doesn't seem to pay very well. This place is huge. What are you talking about, Clark? Jimmy thinks the guy probably makes a few hundred "K" a year. Jimmy asks if you should blame the guy taking the pictures or the general public clamoring for more. I blame you, Jimmy. Goddamn you, Jimmy. Jimmy finds a box next to a big computer screen. It's filled with discs labeled by month. Jimmy finds "February." They stick the disc in the computer, and a bunch of shots of Lana come up. Clark decides that this is definitely their guy. Jimmy examines the shots more closely: they're photos of Lana sneaking around Kent Farm, including some of her carrying a camera. "You two must have something special, C.K.," says Jimmy. "She's stalking you." What can he say? He's a sex machine. Clark's phone rings. It's MamaKent. Clark tells her that he's in Metropolis with Jimmy. A date? She tells Clark something that prompts him to say he'll be right there. Jimmy asks what's going on. Clark says that Esposito attacked Lana, and that Clark has to get to the hospital. MamaKent waited till now to call Clark? Jimmy says that they should grab the photos, but as he gathers them, Clark whooshes out of there, leaving Jimmy alone. Get used to it, buddy. "C.K.?" Jimmy asks.

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