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It's also a dark day at Stately Luthor Manor, where the weather outside is frightful. Show is falling, heavy and deep. Lana stands by the fireplace in the Lair of Lex. There's a knock at the double doors: it's Security Eyebrows. He says that Lex's plane is in the air now, but that Lex won't be back until tomorrow; the plane has been re-routed because of weather. Couldn't Lex have told Lana this himself by phone? Did his phone get re-routed, too? Lana thanks Eyebrows for everything. She says that if it wasn't for him, she doesn't want to think about what might have happened. What about Clark? No props for him? Eyebrows nods. He takes off his useless earpiece and walks forward, saying he hopes he's not crossing a line (which usually means you are, if you have to preface what you say with that), but that Lex should have never left her alone. "When did you start calling him by his first name?" asks Lana. Eyebrows apologizes and says that it's been a rough night. Lana says she knows. It's been a rough few seasons. Lana says that she hasn't eaten since this whole thing started, and asks him to have the kitchen bring something up for her. Lana goes to Lex's bar and grabs a blu botol. Eyebrows says that he sent the staff and the rest of the team home. Lana looks at him worriedly. Eyebrows says that he didn't want them to get caught in the storm. Yeah, it's not like they'd have anywhere comfortable to stay in this big-ass giant castle. Lana says that's very considerate. She's about to pour her water into a glass when Eyebrows says it's something Lana would do. He says, inappropriately, that she's not like all the other girls Lex paraded around here. I kind of liked the doctor he paraded. She wasn't like Lana at all. So Eyebrows has been working here how long? "Remember that line?" Lana asks. Eyebrows steps forward, saying that he's been crossing over a lot of lines. Murderous lines. Lines marked in bloooood. "All for you, princess," he says. Ha! Pwincess.

Lana's face gets drawn with sudden knowledge. Eyebrows, suddenly going into creepy stalker mode, says that he watches Lana every day, and that she's never even noticed. Lana says that he took the picture of her in the bedroom. And that he's the one who's been calling. "You killed Brady," she accuses. Eyebrows nods. He says he wasn't supposed to, but that Brady figured out that the stalker had to be someone on the security team. Brady figured this out at the Kent home? And didn't call Lex to tell him? Or do anything to protect himself from an ambush? Brady was a fucking dumb-ass. But then, it is Lex's crack security team, so I'm not sure why I should be surprised. Eyebrows says that he couldn't let Brady stop him from saving Lana. So, somebody explain to me how this is supposed to make any sense. Eyebrows is in love with Lana, he wants to get her away from Lex, so he scares her and makes murderous threats and then creeps her out right now? Smooth, buddy. Real smooth.

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