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True Lies

Clark calls Chloe on the cell phone he now magically owns after not having one last week. Chloe is driving her dad's car. She's falling asleep at the wheel and swerving on the road. Her phone rings. Clark tells her to get back to the hospital, and tells her that what she has might kill her. Chloe says that Clark is just trying to stop her. "Stop you from what?" Clark asks. Chloe asks whether Clark knows what it's like to look at his best friend and know he's being lied to every day. No, but I think Lana and Lex know how that feels. Chloe says that she can't do this anymore. She squints. A truck is pulling up fast behind her. Chloe's head hurts. The blue truck passes Chloe as Clark tries to convince her to come back. The truck stops at the town bridge and does a sharp turn, coming back to ram Chloe straight on. Chloe puts down the phone. Clark listens as Chloe and the blue truck play chicken. Chloe swerves to avoid the truck and her car hits the railing, breaking through it and balancing on the edge of the bridge where, once upon a time, Lex hit a farmboy with his Porsche and fell in love. The blue truck comes up behind Chloe and gets ready to do a literal ram job. Her car pushes out further over the bridge. "I warned you to leave us alone!" It's Son of the Teacher of the Year, and boy is he crazy and pissed. He rears back so that he can ram Chloe's car again. Chloe tells Clark on the phone that she's at the bridge and begs for help. Clark superzips out of the hospital. More ramming! The car edges closer to the edge. Son of the Teacher revs. We go to commercials.

Van Helsing! Instead of seeing a bunch of crappy big summer movies, why not see one that combines them all into one feature film package?

Chloe on the edge. More ramming and skidding. Chloe is losing consciousness even as her life is in danger. The blue truck rears back for one final mighty ram. Clark makes it onto the scene and pulls on the back of the truck just as it was about to hit Chloe's car. The pulling is so hard that Son of the Teacher of the Year conveniently hits the dashboard with his head, going to la-la land and preserving Clark's secret. Clark goes over to Chloe's car and pulls it back to safety. He even pivots the car. What mighty strength! Chloe goes to the driver's side, pulls off the seatbelt like it's silly string, and gets Chloe out of there. He rips open her shirt, which is a bit unexpected. You animal! By the way, Chloe? My compliments. Seriously. As her Chloevage shifts dangerously, Clark pulls the comically huge needle out of his pocket and plunges it into Chloe's chest. She just happens to be wearing a bra that's low-cut in the middle. (Red, by the way, and lacy. I accept your thanks for the thorough description.) Pulp Fiction plunge! A beat, and then Chloe awakes, gasping. She has a nasty hole in between and above her Chloevage line. Well, that was not as exciting as I'd hoped.

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