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True Lies

Metropolis at night. Lex, wearing a very nice long black coat, pops in to Papa Luthor's office. In a nice bit of continuity, Papa Luthor has a pretty nasty gash on his cheek from last week's catfight with Bo Duke. Papa Luthor strokes under his chin with a finger and says, as Dr. Cox would on Scrubs, "Lex...thanks for, uh, dropping byyyyy." Lex asks which obsessive-compulsive fixation is behind today's summoning. Papa Luthor heard about the break-in at the plant. Lex says it was a false alarm and has already been taken care of. Papa Luthor says that there was a haz-mat team dispatched. Lex says it was a precaution. Papa Luthor calls it an overreaction. Unless a chemical was actually released. Lex gets his shoulder fondled a bit. Bemused chuckles. Lex says he's curious. He asks why Papa Luthor is suddenly playing micromanager. Papa Luthor says he's concerned that Lex is concealing things. Oh, jeez, guys, just go on a father-son potato sack race already. Lex leans in, very close, so they're almost ear to ear, and says we all have our secrets. If I had a nickel for...GRRRR! Papa Luthor grimaces, and then smiles. He hadn't even considered that Lex might have secrets! Crackling drama!

Outside, Lex gets into his car. In fairly plain sight, Lex undoes his shirt (but we don't see much) and takes off the wiretap taped to his sternum. Ouch! Hair! Lex starts his car. This isn't exactly the Big Pussy saga, is it?

Kent dining room. Instead of using The Torch offices, Chloe and Clark are hashing over his Teacher of the Year article at the homestead. Chloe says they have all the pieces for his article except quotes from the subject herself. Clark, wearing a tablecloth from a BBQ restaurant as a shirt, says that the teacher doesn't want to talk, and maybe they should just let it go. Just then, MamaKent enters carrying two paper bags of groceries. It must be, what, about fifteen miles at least to the nearest supermarket? Two bags? Really? She must really have the munchies for some Corn Pops. And what's a vegetable doing sticking out of that bag? You live on a farm. Raise some damn lettuce yourself. No wonder you're broke! Oh wait. There are more bags in the truck. I'm an asshole. Clark goes to fetch them. MamaKent takes off her scarf and thanks Chloe for the flowers she sent to Bo Duke. Chloe asks how he's feeling. MamaKent nods and says that it's been really difficult. She says he's depressed and angry. Spooky music plays. MamaKent says she's worried that when Bo comes out of this, he won't be the same man she married. MamaKent moves her eyes around, her brain reeling from letting loose too much information. Chloe says she's sorry. Chloe asks how Clark is taking all of this. MamaKent says that Clark of course feels responsible for Bo's condition. Chloe asks how that's possible. Angrily, MamaKent says, "It's not. It's his biological father! He's the one who drove Clark to Metropolis last summer!" Oops! There must be a cat in one of those bags that she just let out. "Mom!" Clark says sharply, overhearing a bit of that. Chloe goes to Clark and asks if he found his biological father and didn't tell her. She looks hurt. Clark says MamaKent meant what she said figuratively, adding some BS about how his parents' not wanting him did play a part in his psychological state at the time. Well not played, Clark. Clark rudely hands Chloe her stuff, inviting her to get the hell out of his house, but not in so many words. Suspicious music plays to match Chloe's face. MamaKent, lips pursed, emotional landscape devastated, says, "Bye." She can't believe it's not fiction coming out of her mouth. MamaKent sounds like she wants to cry. Clark tells her it's all right. The same thing happened to Pete, so now he doesn't have to kick his supposed friend's ass. Clark thinks something happened to Chloe. Something awful and womanly.

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