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Mistakes on a Plane

Hospital room. Jimmy is packing his stuff. A nurse hands Chloe some pills and tells her he's to take only three a day. They can be highly addictive. "Good luck," the nurse tells Chloe. Jimmy walks past Chloe. She reminds him he's not in this alone. He says he knows how much Chloe likes playing Florence Nightingale, but, "I can take care of myself." He looks mad. Jimmy walks out. Chloe, surprised, walks after him. She says she stopped Jimmy so he wouldn't do something he'd always regret. Jimmy says that Davis came after him and that Chloe would rather believe anyone else but him. Chloe looks around, embarrassed. Chloe says people are watching. She asks if they can talk about this at home. "Home? We have no home, Chloe," he says angrily. Chloe doesn't know what that means. She blames the drugs. Jimmy says he's never been clearer. He says he's put up with years of Chloe taking someone else's side. "First Clark, and then Davis?" he asks. Jimmy says he realizes she doesn't trust him. "You never have," he says. He starts to walk away. Chloe says that of course she trusts him, she's his wife. Jimmy bursts back at her saying that's what he doesn't understand. "Why the Hell did you even marry me?" he asks. Now Chloe's crying. A security guard tells him to settle down. "I'm fine!" Jimmy yells. Chloe says they were leaving. Jimmy says he's not going anywhere with her. Chloe asks him to work through this. Jimmy says, "I'm DONE trying to make this work." Chloe's eyes are full of tears. "Marrying you... was the biggest mistake of my life," he says. And there goes the hammer. Chloe watches him walk out of the hospital. She stands there, in tears. She's now wearing a red coat instead of yellow. And Jimmy's still a douche.

Daily Planet. Jimmy is storming into Tess Mercer's office as an assistant yells that he's calling security. "Don't bother, I quit," Jimmy says, throwing his press badge on the ground. Jimmy says that if they want to sell more paper, she'll put this on her to-do list. He bends over her desk and writes down something. It's a folder of photos including a mug shot on the front. "MEET DAVIS BLOOME," Jimmy wrote.

A song plays by the hilariously named Apocalyptica. That's almost as good as Crucifictorious. Rain over Metropolis. Inside the newspaper, Clark is looking at an electronic copy of a story in the paper. It features a photo of Tess and says, "CEO and reporter survive jet crash." Oliver's gonna be pissed. A Metropolis PD alert wakes Clark from his stupor. He gets up, zips to a phone booth and changes. We see flashes of red and blue inside. Clark emerges, dressed in the red jacket.

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