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Mistakes on a Plane

Music continues as we see Tess hand over an ID and a briefcase full of money to the pilot. She tells him to enjoy his new life.

A rainy street corner. Jimmy, in his car. Takes out four little yellow pills. He downs them. No, three! Three pills, not four, Jimmy! NOOOO! You'll die! Jimmy, looking like he's trying to be badass, runs a red light. THREE PILLS!

Chloe is crying. She's in her apartment as we watch through a window. She picks up her phone and dials.

Cut to boots on the pavement. Davis stands outside the apartment in the rain. The camera cranes toward his wet face as he looks blurry and conflicted. He stares up at us. DAAAAVIS! You are cute!

Next week: More drugs, more Doomsday. Sign me up.

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