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Mistakes on a Plane

Clark zips out and reappears, this time with the suit and the red backpack. Chloe jokes that she doesn't want to pre-empt his America's Next Top Model appearance, but he's got a wardrobe malfunction. His collar is open and his tie is loose. Chloe says he's not inspiring much confidence with that. Clark buttons up his collar. Chloe reminds him that after Lex died, his personal files ended up back at LuthorCorp. She asks what'll happen when Tess gets her hands on those. Another season of shows, maybe? Clark clumsily changes the subject. He says Chloe doesn't have to worry about him or about Tess: she should be worried about Jimmy. That's why you did a fashion show and had a whole conversation about yourself before bringing up Jimmy? Yes, priorities, Clark, of course! Why didn't we think of that? Clark says he saw Jimmy the night before and he's still pretty shaken up. You should tell his wife. Oh, whoops, I forgot, she's standing right there. Chloe blinks. Clark is upset he wasn't able to protect Jimmy at the wedding. Chloe says Clark did what he could and that now Jimmy's closer to home since he got transferred to Met Gen. Met Jen is what Angelina Jolie wishes she'd never had to do. Chloe says she thinks the future looks brighter for him. The camera zooms in on that for extra emphasis to let us know that this is not at all how things are going to turn out. You've been warned. Clark cracks a tiny smile of support.

Jimmy at the hospital. He's making an ugly, frowny face as he stares at a button he's pressing by his hospital bed. It's the morphine drip. He keeps pressing the handheld button. It glows, but apparently nothing is happening and Jimmy's all strung out. Chloe comes in and sees this sad scene. She tells him that the machine is set to a certain dosage and won't give him more. She takes the button away from Jimmy, who releases it reluctantly. Jimmy says his pain is Hummer-sized, not hybrid. Would you settle for a dose of four-door sedan? Chloe, looking worried, says that being in a hospital bed for five weeks does a number on you. That number is "Five." But she wonders if Jimmy's ailments may go beyond the physical. Jimmy scoffs. Chloe suggests he talk to a psychologist. Annoyed, Jimmy says he doesn't need a shrink, he just needs to go home. With a big bag of morphine. He will call it Morphy and have sex with its morphine eye socket. Wow, you're pretty gross to even think that up, Jimmy. Jimmy thinks he'll be fine as long as Chloe's fine. "Jimmy, I wasn't the one that was practically mauled to death," she says. Jimmy loves reliving that. He asks if that beast has shown up anywhere else. Chloe says the villagers have put away their pitchforks, which is an odd thing to say. It's like the monster is the good guy. She thinks it's gone forever. She pulls the covers up on Jimmy. He's not convinced. "We would have heard about it," she assures him. Jimmy can't believe the monster just dropped in and destroyed everything. That's how I used to feel about Lana. Chloe says it's a pitfall of living in the meteor freak capital of the world. Jimmy says it's a sign they're meant to be together. If a King Kong meteor freak can't take Chloe away, he reasons, they'll be together forever. You keep on thinking that, buddy. We'll see what happens. They hug. No kiss. Just a hug. Chloe still looks worried.

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